I am a compulsive blogger, so what?

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I have been diagonised with Obsessive Compulsory Disorder for Blogging. The Doctor has told that I indulge in compulsive blogging. She is correct, I wake up and log into my Sulekha and Blogspot accounts.

I post a minimum of 1 blog and 25 comments a day. I search for topics to blog. TV News, mega serials, film songs, family functions, co-joggers, etc are the sources of my blogs. There is no restriction of topic and I have started presuming that I can comment about every topic under and above the Sun.

My meals never go down my throat until my blogs get a few hundreds views and comments. I make a cut and paste of my blog links and send to every email address I know. I solicit (read compel) comments from them. I make the most simplistic comments to other’s blogs.

Despite having an OCD for blogging, the following improvements have come into me:-
I wake up early in the morning to log into my blog accounts.
I go regularly to jogging, family functions and improved my social contacts as well as my health.
I have started thinking on a wide range of topics unlike previously when I used to exist from salary-slip to salary-slip.
Given that most of my blogs are badly written and not very popular, I feel bad and eat less. This has helped reduce my cholesterol levels.

So, I care three hoots for the Doctor and all those who comment that I am a compulsive blogger


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