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What is Charismatic leadership?

What is charismatic leadership? You just cannot stand up in a crowd, say that I am charismatic and become its leader. So, how does anybody become a
charismatic leader? Looks, skin color, oratory skills, family lineage, style, etc are some of the words which come to mind

Looks and skin color work but only to a limited extent. Family lineage would make you a charismatic leader amongst a worthless set of people.
Oratory skills are essential for a charismatic leader. For it to instantaneously connect with the people their convictions should be
emphasized, fears allayed, hopes fostered and most importantly play to the gallery. For all these to culminate in a powerful talk, the leader should
be well informed of his audience profile. Just waxing eloquently on the growth in capital markets, infrastructure, etc amongst a group of drought
hit peasants, you are liable to be stoned.

Style is a combination of voice, body language and dress. You cannot address an army going to war in a saint…