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Mumbai attacks reflect a failure of intelligence

It happened again in Mumbai during the late hours of 26/11. Terrorists have again targeted the symbols of urban India with impunity and we are left clueless. Enough is enough! United States of America has not had any terror attacks after 9/11; United Kingdom has had none after the tube blasts but in India it has become a common happening.
India seems to be the softest target for terrorists. Till late urbanites had to be bothered only about poor infrastructure now they have to be scared about hidden bombs, trigger happy terrorists, etc.
In a couple of days, life will be back to normal in Mumbai and it will be attributed to the “indomitable Mumbaikar spirit”. I have the greatest regards for the average Mumbaikar and his contribution to the growth of this nation from times immemorial. Hence, don’t misunderstand me when I say that the average Mumbaikar who steps out on 28/11/2008 will have a mindful of fear.Given an option, he would confine himself to the comforts of his home but he dares…