Sunday, 26 June 2011

I, Me and Myself discuss on Inflation

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I, Me and Myself met up in a bar to discuss about inflation. Being in a bar, the three CONS (our conscience) were hype active and dominated this conversation more than anytime.

I started off by saying `What is the Government thinking ,they always keep increasing the prices?’

ICON `Obviously spelling of Price in their book is P-RISE and they keep increasing it’

Myself `It is becoming difficult to sustain our lifestyles, 90% of the income is lost in meeting necessities’

MYSLEFCON `No wonder Sachin sold his Ferrari’

ICON `why is everybody busy only in selling their Ferrari, first it was a monk and now the god?’

I `Patha nahin yaar, at this rate how will I pay my EMIs’

ICON `worry not buddy, you are not alone, even MSD is finding it difficult to pay his bills’

Me `Yesterday petrol, today diesel and gas, at this rate we will have to fast for one day a week to manage our budgets’

MECON` Oh! that would be music for the ears of Civil Society’

MYCON `worry not by 16th August, the whole of country will be compelled to join, only because they won’t have enough money to buy food’

Myself `Don’t know, how to feed the family if prices keep increasing at this rate, after all there is only one increment and one salary’

MYSELFCON “Take a part time job in an affluent wedding choultry, both the food and extra income part will be taken care off”

I `It is very absurd that the guy in a posh flat pays the same rate for a domestic cylinder as a guy in the slum, there should be differential pricing for gas cylinder’

ICON `This is what I call is a CIVIL argument, Completely In Vain and ILlogical Argument ‘

MYSELFCON `Given the amount of gas Civil Society is generating, Government should be giving domestic cylinders free of cost’

Myself `At this rate, very soon inflation and interest rates will touch 100%’

MYSELFCON ` Ya, seems to me that somebody in the top wants to compete with his mates in Sriram College of Commerce’

Me ` we are getting stripped of our savings yaar’

MECON `who will be the krishna in this vasthraharan?’

I `There has to be some relief for us, atleast for a few days in the month, Government should give some discount on prices’

ICON `you mean to say something like a powerplay’

Myself `Food grains are rotting across the country and yet food prices are going up. This is absurd’

MYSELFCON `how else will you understand the saying water, water everywhere not a single drop to drink?’

The three pay the bill and depart.


Zindagi ...kaisi hai paheli, haaye

Kabhi to hansaaye kabhi ye rulaaye

Yeh Dam to hamesha hume dubaye

Jai Jai Shivshankar

Desh mein sirf gotala hain Shankar

Mehangayi toh bana diya Zindagi ko Bayankar

Chhookar Mere Batwe Ko Kiya Toone Kya Ishaara
Badla Yeh Mausam Lage Mehanga Jag Saara
Aab pura maheena katega sirf credit card ke Sahara

Dk bose, Dkbose …………, no, not that song this is a family blog

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