Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Me and Myself discuss arranged marriage vs love marriage

I, Me and Myself recently met up to discuss Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage. Whenever we start our discussions, our consciences join and expose our hypocrisies. They are aptly named as ICON (I’s conscience), MECON (ME’s conscience) and MYSELFCON (MY’s conscience).
I had a love marriage in his immediate family, other than it was an inter sex marriage, there was nothing common about the marriage.
Me supports love marriage. Me was lovelorn throughout his college days, before he could propose to the girl, either she came with a wedding card or found in other guy’s arms.
Myself is against the institution of marriage, he believes either in arranged love or love but no marriage.

 I `can’t digest this, love marriages are becoming a trend in our society’
Me `what is your problem in a boy and girl liking each other and getting married?’
I ` what will happen to our culture?’
Me `you mean the culture of asking a boy and girl to ogle at each other in front of their parents’
MECON `and you don’t mind ogling even in front of god’
Myself `marriage is nothing but a planned disaster in which souls are supposed to come together and a bodily union takes place, after sometime the souls become disheartened and bodies disgusted with each other’
MYSELFCON `if you can understand this at first read, you can explain the origin of God particle’
I ` cut your crap, without the institution of marriage, society will become a jungle and each one of us hunters’
ICON `and you secretly want that to happen’
Myself `Marriage is the perfect example of  how Pavlov’s effect works?’
I `Marriage ensures that you run for only one bell that rings’
ICON `more often than not you run even without the bell ringing’
Me `a love marriage ensures that the bell rings with joy’
I `arranged marriage ensures that the bell rings for life long’
Myself `either case, if you don’t want to hear it, you have to pay for a lifetime’
I `arranged marriage ensures that your relation base becomes bigger’
Me `and life becomes a drive in a velodrome maintaining those relationships’
MECON `and a guy can never pedal for his relations  :p’
Myself `happiness and independence becomes victim of the theory of relativity after marriage’
MYSELFCON `I think the apple that fell on Newton’s head has affected his brain’
I `love marriages end up in divorces’
Me `arranged marriages result in squabbling couples living together due to family pressure’
Myself `why divorce when you don’t have to marry? Happily married couples, can there be a better oxymoron?’
MYSELFCON `can there be a better moron than him?’
I `the way lovers indulge in PDA is barbaric’
Me `flirting with fiancĂ© is the in-thing’
ICON `fiancĂ© is a common noun, any guy under the helmet or any girl under the dupatta is a fiancee’
Myself `man woman relationships are based on material expectations and marriage is only an institution to sustain it for long enough so that one another have no hope except each other’
MYSELFCON `Simply put in a marriage, you have to swipe the credit card for the same person for a boring number of years and the only bonus you get is kids’
ICON `who after a particular age will meet you only on fathers/ mother’s day’
MECON `you guys mean to say true love starts in an old age home’
MYSELFCON `he… he…when your eyes can’t distinguish between a broken teeth and a smiling one’
I `there is nothing like an arranged marriage function, so much of relatives, happiness and feasting’
ICON `he is only concerned about missing out on a feast if there is a love marriage’
Me `a love marriage is full of unadulterated fun with full of friends’
MECON `no matter how many love marriages he attends, no girl will be impressed by him’
Myself `entertaining guests at such huge costs and ruining your finances is the best example for Newton’s second law of motion’
MYSELFCON `even Faraday’s law cannot explain how ideas are generated in his brain or bran :p :p’

As the three leave, ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON scream together.
Marriage, Marriage, the longest surviving mirage.
Nowdays it begins as garden of urge, later becomes a ring of umbrage
Having babies is the default result
Rearing them is the life long effect.
Remaining committed is the vow
Doing so in devil’s paradise is the woe.
Like my relatives and unlike yours is a couple’s mantra
Commenting adversely on them is the agenda
Mutual distrust is what they share
Ego massaging is what they care
Marriage, Marriage, the long surviving mirage
Arranged or love, without emotional bondage
It turns an emotional sacrilege  


  1. SO loved it.. another of your gems.. We can have a long discussion on arranged marriage.. our thoughts match so much on various issues :)

  2. Bala..good to see you here. Picked up the link from Sul-page!
    Hilarious post!!
    'marriage is nothing but a planned disaster in which souls are supposed to come together and a bodily union takes place, after sometime the souls become disheartened and bodies disgusted with each other’---gawd! * blinking*
    All the best.../-MM

  3. Sukhi, more than arranged marriage or love marriage, what hurts me is slowly husband wife relationship has become mechanical which is why I have used the Pavlov effect anagram. Ya, we could have a discussion one of these days

  4. Thanks Panchalidi, glad that you liked it so much. Ya, some purpose is being served of my posting the blog link on Sulekha :p

  5. Hello,

    Good to see some familiar names here. Welcome and many more blogs to you.

    All the best for the contest ~

  6. Thanks Rajrupa Gupta. Thanks for the visit

  7. Thanks Ghazala for the visit and wishes

  8. Thanks Ghazala for the visit and wishes


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