Monday, 14 May 2012

I, Me and Myself discuss Devil, Science and Religion

After a long time, I, Me and Myself met up recently to discuss on Science and Religion. As always, our conscience , ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON accompanied us.

I started by saying  :Well, guys we have all assembled to talk about science and religion

Me : Why don’t we make it spicy by adding devil to it?

MECON : That would mean these guys will  be discussing DRS

ICON and MECON : What has the cricketing DRS got to do with this?

MECON : I meant Devil, Religion and Science

Myself who is drolling at Katrina Kaif Ad says : I see science, religion and devil in this ad

I and Me : How?

Myself : Science is in the making of the ad, religion is in the temples in the background and devil is in our eyes when she is slurping the drink

MYSELFCON : Only God can save the Devil from these guys

I : Ok, Jokes apart, how scientific are you when you are religious?

Me : I find science in religion, most of the religious practices are science. Our ancestors included them in religion so that people follow them out of fear.

MECON : If only all the religions had made complying with civic and tax rules as a part of their rituals, we would have had less black money outside the country and lesser black dirt on the roads.

ICON : Maybe tax and civic authorities should get God to endorse for them

MYSELFCON : Don’t even mention that or else even prayer would be brought under the ambit of service tax

Myself : I have divorced religion yet I am spiritual. One can believe in God without being part of any religion

MYSELFCON : As good as saying, give me the whisky in a coke bottle

I : I believe religion and science coexist in every moment of life, the sequence changes

ICON : Like, when he applies the brake, he believes in science and if it does not stop, he becomes religious

I : Ok, what is religion to you? How important is God?

ICON : God is very important, when power goes off, everybody shouts `oh, god!’, though they know it is a creation of sciene

Me : It helps me retain my values and like the world. It is like a faithbook for me

MECON : What next, someone is going to say Facebook is my God and getting likes on it is my religion

ICON : That concept will be a greatly liked idea.

Myself : Religion filters logic and reasoning, we cannot question the beliefs. If we cannot question a belief, why has god given us brains. True believers of God wont tie themselves to a religion.

MYSELFCON : God has given us brains to put up status updates, plan tax savings and play politics at work place

I : Religion says if you do good deeds you will be rewarded but I have seen many who do do good to others suffer a lot

Me : Good deeds are not deodorant ads, that once you apply them girls are going to swoon all over you. It requires consistent efforts.

Myself : Ok, does Devil tempt you or scare you?

MYSELFCON : Devil tempts him if it is Anushka Sharma and scares him if it is Rakhi Sawant

Me : Devil can tempt my body never my soul

I : It is the body that makes the move, so soul alone being pure does not matter

ICON : Everybody says devil is in the detail so devil reveals the details, why then fault the devil?

Me : We can go on discussing, there would never be an end, let us cut the cake

MECON : This is the reason why these devils came religiously to this meet

As the three devour the cake, ICON, MECON and MYSELFCON sing

Men who fight over a religion
Are they the devils?

Men who misuse science
Are they the devils?

Men who fall prey to desires
Are they the devils?

Is there an angel who has never been a devil?
Is it better to be  a devil than to mask as an angel?

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