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Asus IndiBlogger Meet 2015 - Bangalore Edition - A Sleek Start To The Weekend

When was the last Indiblogger meet held in Bengaluru? Last time around I remember it was still officially called by its colonial name Bangalore. I lost count but in the ensuing gap, I lost a lot of hair, got more wrinkles, the teeth have got shakier and the belly has got bigger but not the spirit to attend a Indiblogger meet. Hence, there was no way I would miss the meet and added attraction was it was being sponsored by Asus, a company which has some smart technologies. I welcome the move by Indiblogger to insist on photo id given the uncertain times we are in.
I mean there would be very few hosts who feed you, give you gifts, introduce you to some great products and also entertain. That’s what the team at Indiblogger does and I’m very thankful to them for that. The theme of getting maximum things from others was unique and refreshing. The best ice breaker I would say and Kudos to Anoop for that. I was in no mood for giving anything to anybody except my unpaid bills and stinking soc…