Friday, 6 June 2008

Strike the strikers

Gandhiji started non co-operation movement to create a civil mutiny against foreign rule. What do bandhs of today try to achieve? Whom are they causing financial loss? Why inconvenience the already hassled and harassed citizens? These are the questions which the organizers of any bandh have to answer but they don’t seem to be in a mood to do so. It is time stringent laws are brought into effect which will put the fear of God into these strikers.

Rail traffic came to a standstill and the entire NCR came under a siege just because one community did not get reservations. Are there no better means to demand for reservation? Are there no better means of displaying our bravado?

People are already inconvenienced because of the price rise in petroleum products. Why burden them with further losses by calling for strikes and bandhs? Why does not the Left think (which cries hoarse about FDI in retail) about the losses a poor small trader will have to incur because of these mindless and useless bandhs? Who are they trying to profit by burning public transport, the same capitalists who will profit more as and when the buses are replaced? Their hypocrisies are well exposed which is shown in their rapidly dwindling support base.

Sometimes back the Courts had fined couple of parties a token amount for conducting bandhs. The scope for tokenism working in our society is as remote as a buffalo reacting to a single whip. It is time stringent measures like the below mentioned are resorted to:-

a. If there is any loss of public or private property, the same has to be compensated by the bandh organizers and such political parties and all its members should be banned from contesting elections for 25 years.

b. In case there is any loss of life, the leader of the party which organized the bandh should take care of the family for the next 25 years. Such political parties and all its members should be banned for life time from contesting elections.

c. The concerned political party should before organizing a bandh provide a bank guarantee for the notional losses that a city will incur because of organizing such bandhs.

It is time to strike out the strikers. A bandh against a price increase only increases the losses for the Government and thereby giving it more reasons to increase prices. A very limited application of God given brain is required to understand this logic.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

An Idea to solve the subsidy crises on domestic gas cylinders

The subsidies on gas cylinders is becoming a pain in the neck for the country. Everybody is in a quandary. Government has to face the flak for rising prices but at the same time cannot be without doing so. One of the ideal ways to solve this crisis would be to allow petroleum companies to display ads on gas cylinders. On an average gas cylinder, easily 2 to 3 company endoresements can be displayed. Since this gas cylinders stay in a consumer house on an average for 25 to 30 days, the companies would get a great means of building brands. If the companies manage to squeeze in 3 to 4 ads per cylinder and charge Rs.100 for every cylinder on which a companies ad has to be displayed, they would make the shortfall without having to rely on government subsidies, petro bonds, etc.What say people, I know it is taking commercialisation to the core but atleast it will save the middle class from the scars of every price rise

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