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You must consider yourself blessed if you have not been chided by an auto or taxi driver as `L board’, just because you were following traffic rules and driving. It is assumed in our country that you’re a disciplined driver because you don’t have the driving skills to be indisciplined. Even if we Indians are given two hundred feet driving space on either side of the road we will create traffic jams. It seems, we just don’t have the gene which is responsible for `disciplined driving’ on the road.
       I don’t understand what parents think of themselves when they let their under-aged kids drive on the road. Is there no better way to prove their love? Is there no sane way of making their kids independent and bold? If their kid hits somebody, they know how to get them out of legal troubles but what happens if their kid hits an electric pole and gets electrocuted?  What’s the point of crying and wailing later?
Wrong-side driving in our country is a religious ritual which transcends all rel…