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The Good Old Bengaluru I Lived In

Disclaimers:- 1.There are no photographs in this blog since I don’t have any of my own of the old Bengaluru. I don’t want to use the ones from the Internet and get into copyright issues. I have used only one photograph of Vidhana Soudha from the Government of Karnataka Website. 2.The period is late 70’s and till early 90’s, after that the old Bengaluru was lost. 3. I grew up mostly in North and East Bengaluru. Hence this blog is biased towards this portion of Bengaluru.
Bengaluru was always a cosmopolitan city by nature. I remember in the 1970s, a lot of Iranians used to live near Hutchins Road. There has been the proverbial once in many blue moons incidents when an individual belonging to a particular race or religion or language has felt insecure in Bengaluru. BENGALURU IS THE MOST ACCOMMODATIVE CITY FOR ANYONE, FROM ANY PART OF THE WORLD AND GIVEN THE GENEROSITY OF BENGALUREANS, EVEN PEOPLE FROM MARS WILL FIND IT HOSPITABLE. That it became a metropolitan city is a Greek tragedy. Be…

Priceless Thoughts About Mutton Biryani From Across The World

Mutton Biryani is not just rice and a few juicy pieces of mutton in it. It is the epitome of taste. It is aroma’s expression. It is palette’s best face. It is the culmination of all culinary skills. It is loved by people next only to their family. Various people have said various things about a Mutton Biryani, here is the spoof of what has been said by many across the world:-

Guru ofBOMB (Bakths of Mutton Biryani) Activist                 A Mutton Mukth Biryani is not a Biryani.
Tanzanian Zen Master There is not a perfect MB, there cannot  be a perfect MB, not a perfect day to have a MB, to enjoy a MB you require unrequited love for MB.
American Leader I would have never thought of building a wall, if MB was a Mexican Dish.
Chinese Hoodoo Expert People who are possessed by the taste of MB cannot be conquered by Hoodoo
Solitary Goat Activist of Oymyakon My religion says that Goat is the alma mater of my genes, I cannot eat MB. That’s why I oppose Goat slaughter.
Con Godman From Pennsylvani…