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What cannot be fixed in cricket?

It is quite obvious that cricket is the best bet for fixing a sporting event. It seems just about anything can be fixed in a cricket match but the truth is not so and here is the list of events in cricket which cannot be fixed:-

The possibilities of the game being played without a bat and ball.
The possibilities of the game being played without three stumps at each end of the pitch.
Players doing a strip-tease in the stadium when the game is on.
A slip fielder who catches the ball will throw it over the boundary ropes.
The wicket-keeper standing at the boundary for a spinner.
A batsman asking the umpire to place the sight screen between the bowler and him (batsmen having short pitch-o-phobia would love it).
A batsman refusing a boundary which has been signalled.
A non-sledging Australian cricketer.
A sub-continent spinner who appeals genuinely.
Ashish Nehra scoring a test century (because he will never get to face Indian bowling).

Sorry I can't think of anymore happenings in cricket which ca…