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Sunrise As Seen On A Flight From Delhi to Bengaluru


Handling The Stiffness - An erratic erotic poem

Handling the Stiffness
One day I woke with a stiff oneWalking around with it is no funI paid a guy who made his life handling such stiffnessHe said you’re my lifetime customer, dear highnessI can only provide a few sessions of reliefYou can with efforts provide self reliefSaying he called his assistant and appears a charismatic enchantressWinking he said, this stiffness needs all your magic and shrewdnessThe paid guy was an orthopedicianThe lady was handling my physiotherapy sessionsSpondylosis was the referred stiffness

Those Were The Days When A Couple Could Say In Public `We Love Doggies', And No One Would Bat An Eyelid

It was a mid-November morning in Bengaluru, I was traveling by Namma Metro, and a girl was seated in front of me. She was dressed to kill, and my glad eye could not keep from stealing a few glances of her. In the next station, a friend of hers boarded, and greeting the `Miss Dressed to Kill' said `Babe, you're looking hot". I have an open mind but this compliment was new to me. When I was in college, guys complimented a girl as `a hottie' in her absence. When I started working, it was said to the girl herself. Later this compliment was seen on social media, and now a girl is calling another girl hot, that too in public. Just an observation on changing times rather than a moral rant, since I myself am not sure of my own morals.
 What times have come to? Talking of its homophone `cum', when I was a kid, it used to be `Sofa cum bed', or `Bathroom cum Toilet'. Needless to say, these are great places to come and cum or just cum. Back in those days, it was easier…