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I, Me and Myself discuss World Cup Victory

I, Me and Myself met up again but this time to discuss the great World Cup Victory. This period was so emotional and patriotic for us Indians. We “sacrificed” so many things to watch this world cup. During this period we have motivated our team through various methods like ridicule, abuse, disowning, etc. We did all this so that they should play as good as we do in our weekend matches. It is not just the cricket team, we subject our children also to the same treatment, when they fail to get that extra mark than our colleague, relative or neighbour’s child. Victory achieved, we decided to celebrate the same, showering out of the book praises on the team.As ithas become mandatory this time also, ICON, MY CON AND MYSELF CON ( the abbreviated forms of our conscience) accompanied us to the celebration.I – yes, yes, yes, we have done it. We are the world champions.Me:- Yes, Captain Cool Dhoni has proved himself both as a player and captain.MECON:- Are you not the same guy who started writin…