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A national consensus is required on fuel price rise

Fuel price rise is becoming a global crisis. We can no longer
piggy back on Left Ideology and play Ostrich with the impending economic
disaster. Everybody has tomake some sacrifice to tide over the crisis.

The Government on its part could drastically reduce duties on
petrol and diesel.Government every year has its target for collection
of duties from each economic activity and let’s say for this year from
the sale of petroleum products it is targeted at Rs.1000 crores. The rate
at which oil prices are increasing globally,this target will be met
easily and possibly surpassed. The Government could do a
bit of sacrifice (if they are serious about controlling price) and
reduce the duties on petroleum products. Further, the Government should
be bold enough and adopt differential pricing for domestic gas cylinders.
It is ridiculous to note that a family living in a premium apartment
(costing Rs.1 Crore) pays the same price for a domestic gas cylinder
as a family which stays in a slum. It is very easy …

An Indian can work anywhere in the country and nobody dare question

Ever since liberalization, India has made huge strides economically.Movement of people from one part of the country to another for job hasbecome a norm of the day. To an extent this has bridged the gap betweenpeople. Sadly regionalism has resurfaced across the country. Peoplecoming from other states are being ridiculed, abused and attacked. The country was divided on regional basis for administrative reasons andnot meant to create separate entities. It is time that the Government/Election Commission get tough with such regional parties/leaders and ban them for life from contesting in the elections and speaking in the public. People coming from other states should learn to respect the sentiments ofthe state in which they are living in. They should make all earnestefforts to learn the local language, culture, appreciate its food, etc andget assimilated with the local population. Otherwise they can find jobs in their own states One of the Fundamental Rights provided bythe Constitution is t…

What is charismatic leadership?

What is charismatic leadership? You just cannot stand up in a crowd, say that I am charismatic and become its leader. So, how does anybody become a charismatic leader?Looks, skin color, oratory skills, family lineage, style, etc are some of the words which come to mind Looks and skin color work but only to a limited extent. Family lineage would make you a charismatic leader amongst a worthless set of people. Oratory skills are essential for a charismatic leader. For it to instantaneously connect with thepeople their convictions should be emphasized, fears allayed, hopes fostered and most importantly play to the gallery. For all these to culminate in a powerfultalk, the leader should be well informed of his audience profile. Just imagine waxing eloquently on the growth in capital markets, infrastructure, etc amongst a group ofdrought hit peasants, you are liable to be stoned. Style is a combination of voice, body language and dress. You cannot address an army going to war in a saint li…