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Fulfill your promises and keep your wishes, dear Indian Politician

Our politicians are good at nothing but symbolism. They hardly do anything worthwhile for the country but very punctually put up hoardings wishing people on various occasions. These are the people who steal our dreams; make us fight with another; swindle our taxes; encourage criminals, etc. I am in awe of Independence Day, Republic Day, Birthdays of Freedom Fighters, etc. Over the past few years the most disgusting thing for me about these days is to find banners from Politicians wishing us on these occasions. It is much more disgusting that one of them happens to be one of the suspects in the infamous Telgi case. I saw a regional group wishing people a Happy Independence Day. These are the very people who promote regionalism to the core. Can there be a better parody?

Firstly, these guys don’t mean even one word of the message, it is just an opportunity to show to the people, their not usually seen faces. It is a means for them to assert how shameless they can get. The tri-color displa…

Heart can forgive but never trust again

“Heart can forgive but never trust again”, this was the message I got from a friend recently and they have got carved in my heart since then. I somehow don’t support this logic and usually counter such messages but this one has left me dumbfounded. One more saying which I definitely don’t believe in is “Human relationships are like glass, once broken can never be put together again”. How can you equate human relationships with a piece of glass? Human relationships are so complex. We get happy, loving, angry, emotional and at times romantic with people whom we trust the most. A glass is just a non-living thing which can be recycled many a times.

Why does Trust break? I can think of reasons like failure to keep commitments; Betrayal; Financial Fraud and most importantly behaving contrary to the image we have about a person. At times, we fail in commitments made to our loved ones, either due to busy schedules; fit of rage; their own negative vibes in enforcing the commitments made, etc. I…

50-60% OFF, grab even if it is scrap

These are the days of rising prices and everybody is looking to get maximum goods at available incomes. In this milieu, we have given a go-by to the word “quality”. The middle class mindset has become so tuned to cheap products is that even if it is scrap they grab. Price is the only logic that prevails. This attitude is amplified when buying crockery; plastic items; cosmetics; toys; electronic goods and imported chocolates.

There has to be some sort of price comparison between a standard product and a cheap product. It can never be possible that economy crockery set that is offered by a standard manufacturer at Rs.800 can be offered by the cheap products vendor at Rs.120. Such cheap products are definitely made up of some toxic scrap. Time and again we have heard about toxic scrap being smuggled from other countries and they being put to various uses in our country. There is something called “Food Grade Material” which is offered by most standard manufactures and necessarily we have t…

It is time to have negative voting in our elections

Elections after elections we see that the voting percentage for the educated class is very poor. The common reasons given are:-

• Had other work – Such people deserve to be punished with imprisonment because you can’t plan for a vacation or outing on an election day. The Government declares a holiday to enable every citizen to vote and so much of revenue loss is incurred due to declaration of a national holiday. People who treat election day as an holiday are no better than the politicians who call for bandhs/ strikes

• Absence of name in the voter’s list – this is not a valid reason at all because the EC advertises well in advance about revision of voter list and also gives sufficient opportunities for people to include their name in the list. If somebody does not find his or her name in the list, it is due to their own laziness and lack of interest in democracy.

• Whom to vote for? – This reason requires full sympathy. More often than not, most of the candidates in the list are of eq…

Disciplining celebrites in India

Recently, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zenta Jones have been fined US$ 3K in Italy for wrongly docking their yacht. It was not long ago the famous Athlete Marion Jones was punished for drug abuse. The list is long and it feels sad that not even one celebrity from India has made it to the punished list except maybe Harbhajan Singh for the infamous slapgate.

Somehow in our country a celebrity is free to kill, break laws; encroach lands; have unlicensed arms and yet get away with it. The 24x7 news channels build such a sympathy wave for these guys, that we are lead to believe that the particular celebrity who otherwise had lead the life of a saint, should not be punished for a single act of aberration. I pity for the guy, who in this great democracy, was fined for filling a PIL in the court that it was wrong to give customs duty exemption to Sachin Tendulkar for his Ferrari.

The act of holding dangerous weapons is justified for the simple reason that Sanjay Dutt is a man of golden heart; …

Hang those strikers

Today VHP and its allies conducted chaka bandhs and road rokos across the northern parts of the country in protest against the injustice meted out to Hindus in the Amarnath Land case. Now I dont want to dwell into the genuniness of the cause. The issue is one old man in Noida and a youth in Kanpur who were seriouslly ill and being rushed to hospital, died because their vehicles could not move forward due to the traffic jams created by these people. Who will bring back these people to their families? who will look after the family of the youth who died?

Every bandh has its own stories. It is a merely a poplularity dance for most political parties and common people have to suffer. What is achieved by burning buses and cars during bandhs? Why should my car be burnt because some sadhus did not get their land? What is acheived in damaging commercial establishments? What is acheived by irritating commuters during bandhs? Who are the senseless guys who give permission for a road roko during t…

Patriotism for today's India

On 15th August, 2008, it will be 61 years since we became Independent. It is a time to reflect on how to carry forward our country. To carry forward a country we need to be patriotic. What does it take to be patriotic in today’s India? You don’t have to be a Mahatama Gandhi and lead people to Freedom. You don’t have to be a Subash Chandra Bose and build an army to uproot the British Rule. You don’t have to be a Bhagath Singh and go to the gallows at the tender age of 23. Our forefathers have done all these and much more patriotic acts to ensure that we rule ourselves and decide our futures. All that we have to do is ensure that we don’t fool ourselves in the name of freedom, smartness and don’t end up with another freedom struggle on our hands. Here is what I believe is could be considered as acts of patriotism in India today:-
a.Election – Cast your vote every time an election is held. Unfortunately most of the educated don’t cast their votes and later crib about non-existent Govern…

Attached bathrooms, detached families

Attached bathrooms, detached families would be the ideal way to describe the emerging trend of family system in India.

Everybody wants to stay in their own shell and nobody has the patience to wait and tolerate one’s own family members. Privacy is more important and the good old intimacy is being done away with.

 Leave alone sharing bathrooms, we can’t view even television together. More and more houses have multiple television sets. Everybody is couched safely in their comfort zone and communication between family members is usually the mandatory pleasantries.

There is no need to write an obituary for the Joint Family system in India because it is long dead. The pity today is that even the nuclear families are not jointed.

It is not uncommon in certain households when grown-up children don’t come to the drawing room, when parents are at home. People have started living as individuals and not as a family. The freezers in our heart are more powerful than those in our fridges. We have …