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Peter Rabbit (Movie) - A Lesson In Contemporary Life

Does Peter Rabbit, the movie match up to its book written by Beatrix Potter? Let me know any movie that has matched up to the standards of its book, and then we will discuss on this. Please don’t mention about the movies based on the novels of best selling Indian Author. Yes, in those cases the movie is better than the book.
The movie itself is relevant in today’s world. It is a live-action computer-animated comedy film. The comedy comes mostly from the smart dialogues and to a greater extent it succeeds in making the audience laugh hilariously, especially the sharp witted ones. There is also some slapstick humour due to incorrect lip reading. The story is predictable but it is an epic tale in human/rabbit emotions. It has romance, nostalgia, revenge, misappropriation, jealousy, possessiveness, hyper reaction, cold bloodedness, remorse, apologizing and finally all is well that ends well.
                The film had its own allergy controversy and it should have been avo…