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Merry Xmas in Pacific Mall, Dehradun



GFY means Go F*** Yourself

Is it just an abuse? It is mainly an abuse. An abuse like Biryani can have different variants.

You are trying to dissuade a friend from proposing to a girl/boy who you know is going to make your friend an emotional wreck but his/her basic instincts have taken over, at the time just to de-clog the mind of the individual you would say

   `GFY a few times, if you still feel the urge, go ahead and propose"
    Here you are suggesting a physical action as a tool of self-realisation.

You are fed up of a friend/colleague's nagging and just want to let go the steam, and you end up saying
   `GFY, Don't bother me'
Here  you  are venting out your frustration, and rather vociferously making known to the other individual that you are not taking any more crap from him/her

In a liberal office atmosphere, you can use it after giving your subordinate/boss a piece of your mind
However, it is better avoided with a member of the fairer sex because either it c…

`CHASING THE BRIGAND' BY Shri K Vijaykumar Is An Experience To Be Read And Lived.

Everybody loves to read a book that is based on a real life incident. The palpation increases if it is about one of India’s most cold blooded killer whose Robin Hood image was an alibi to his demonic side of destruction of forest and least regard to the laws. That he was hunted down by the law, and did not die a natural death or become a leader is largely due to the efforts of two state governments and one man in particular K Vijay Kumar , IPS.                 His book `Chasing the Brigand’ brings to life one of India’s biggest manhunt of India’s most dreaded brigand Verappan.                 In an age, where retired officers take pride in revealing, intricate moments from their bureaucratic life, K Vijay Kumar, IPS says he would not reveal the details of functioning of CPT (Close Protection Team) of the PM. Hats off to you, sir!!  On the top of it, he refers to the Late Ms. Jayalalitha only as CM or Kum Jayalalitha, and not the usual sobriquet. Do you require better proof of mettle …

CoCo Is Not Just A Movie, It Is An Emotion

The movie begins with a lengthy anime of Olaf’s Frozen. It is as irritating as going to a restaurant to have a good mutton biryani and finding that its management insists that you first have curd rice as a compliment.                 There is this Imelda Riveria married to a musician, who one day decides to walk out to pursue his dreams never to return. The family bans music from its family routine, and instead concentrates making shoes. Quite a logical thought given that more people want to wear footwear and later listen to music.                 Generation after generation complies with this diktat, until Miguel appears on the scene. He wants to follow the footsteps of his great- great grandfather. Who is his great grandfather is the story.                 Much before that he damages the photo of Imelda, gets caught by his grandmother for possessing a guitar, who instantly breaks it and he cannot enter a music contest since he does not have a guitar. On the day of t…

A Few Gems From `Ice In The Bedroom' By PG Wodehouse

Ben Schott once remarked `To dive into a Wodehouse novel is to swim in some of the most elegantly turned phrases in the English language’. Anybody who has read a PG Wodehouse masterpiece will agree to this even his/her mother-in-law says it.                 One of the masterpieces of PG Wodehouse is `Ice In The Bedroom’. This book published in 1961 has the usual inter-wined sub-plots so common in PG Wodehouse novels. A love story with a heist in its background or vice-versa or whatever it is, I  read a PG Wodehouse novel for the joy it. Presented in the subsequent paragraphs are a few gems from this masterpiece.
Have you ever read a funnier rendition on two broken hearts or rib-tickling description of an act of betrayal?                 There had been a time, and not so long ago, when he and Sally had been closer than the paper on the wall – everything as smooth as dammit, each thinking the other the biggest thing since sliced bread and not a cloud on the horizon. And …

Who Can Say All Is Well?

The people who believe:-

1. A fairness cream can improve their personality.
2. A cool drink can make you bold.
3. A deodorant can make females swoon over a guy.
4. A health drink can increase the growth of your children.
5. A suiting can make you a better man.
6. A soap can make you look young.
7. A bigger car can make a happier family
8. A flavoured condom can make you a better lover.
9. A cooking oil can make you healthier

are the ones who are oblivious of the bitter truth around them, and pretend "All is Well".

The Laws Of The Mutton Biryani Cult

Everybody has their own cult, why not biryani lovers to be more precise Mutton Biryani lovers? It’s time Mutton Biryani lovers of the world had their own cult. A true `Mutton Biryani’ lover can never commit a crime. `Mutton Biryani’ can be consumed at very economical rates, so you don’t need to commit a crime. After having a `Mutton Biryani’ all your temptations are satisfied, so you cannot commit a crime. `Mutton Biryani’ is the ultimate pleasure, so you need  not commit a crime for pleasure. Every cult should have its own rules. By the power of the 1000s of Mutton Biryanis I have relised and assimilated in my system, I hereby declare the rules for the Mutton Biryani Cult (M-BC).
üThou shall always mention the words `Mutton Biryani’ with a divine awe.

üThou shall never have a `Mutton Biryani’ in hurry. This also disqualifies you from entering any `Mutton Biryani’ eating challenges because such challenges involve gobbling food, and `Mutton Biryani’ has to be relished an…

A Few Rules Of Mutton Biryani Cult

Blood is thicker than water and Mutton Biryani is the only biryani

Aloo in Mutton Biryani is like mother in law staying with you.

Vegetable Biryani is the food equivalent of Money in a Monopoly game.


Dissenting Diagnosis by Dr Arun Gadre and Dr Abhay Shukla This blog is more of a book recommendation than a book review This book is an eye opener on the frauds that go in the healthcare industry. We cannot avoid going to a hospital but such books help us to be aware of the pitfalls in the treatment we are getting. We cannot avoid all of them. The book is priced at a nominal Rs.399/-. It is written in simple language avoiding medical jargon to the extent possible. The book is divided into 12 logically arranged chapters each discussing the ails of the medical sector in India.
Note about the authors. Both the authors are qualified and are not just talking through their hats. Dr Arun Gadre is a gynaecologist. Dr Abhay Shukla is a public health physician, with a post-graduate degree in community medicine from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
Chapter 1 contains an interview with Dr Vijay Ajgaonkar, Senior Diabetologist, Mumbai – The contents of this chapter should send…

Democracy's XI - The Great Indian Cricket Story by Rajdeep Sardesau

Rajdeep Sardesai by including his father in Democracy's XI has shown the fearlessness most of us lack most of the times. That Dilip Sardesai was an Indian Cricketing great is beyond doubt of any Indian Cricket aficionado; hence, Rajdeep has only done justice to Indian cricket by including his name.
 The author could have avoided frequent mention of players during 50s and 60s being deducted Rs.50 from their daily allowances if they won the match in 4 days. Rajdeep could have skipped including Mohammed Azharudin in his book. The fact that he was acquitted in the 2000 match-fixing case on technical reasons is sufficient. A better choice would have been Anil Kumble who represents all that cricket means.
 There is no discussion regarding the exclusion of Vishwanath from the Indian Cricket Team. Similarly, the equation between Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath is not discussed. A few tidbits on why Kapil Dev's career came to an abrupt end in 1994 would have enhanced the quality of th…

Mathematics Teachers Should Understand

Mathematics teachers should understand the following basic factsIf X doesn't want to be found, respect it's privacy until it has violated the laws of the land. Don't teach children to stalk by repeatedly asking them to find X

Don't teach children to borrow at an young age itselfSteps are not always, everyone has a shortcut on their desktopsNobody builds a wall with 10 people and later build one more to find out how many days it will take.A person who tries to fill  a water tank at one end and keeps emptying it at the other has a psychological problem. His madness should not be posed as a problem to students
There are easier ways to find the diameter of a circle than through complicated formulaes

My Thoughts on A Feast of Vultures by Josy Joseph

I loved this book just for the brutal and sarcastic way it brings out the underbelly of corruption in India. This book is a must read for anyone who believes corruption can be undone in India. Read this book, and you will be cured of this malady. It lists how corruption is at the core of our lives. This is no review of the book, just reproduction of a few lines I liked the most in the book.

The book begins with a sarcastic punch on Karalla village in Delhi. Read the book to understand the legend of Karalla Village in contemporary history of Indian corruption.

The rule of the game in modern India as far as corruption is concerned is `don’t get caught’
The creaky government machinery moves only when the lubricant bribe is applied.
Instead of dealing with the grievances that fuel these insurgencies, politicians, the mainstream media and security analyst have worked to create an ill-informed, often abusive and intolerant discourse around them.
The state-controlled company that provided t…

Why Are We Fostering Malicious Media?

Last month I had been to my office headquarters, and took a taxi to reach the office. It was a typical Bengaluru road with potholes and vehicles in the ratio of 1:2. The vehicle was trudging along and a lady from nowhere, as is the wont on our roads, crossed across the road, compelling the driver to hit the brakes. He apologized to me, and I in turn appreciated his swiftness.                 After travelling some distance, he said `Sir, If I had not applied the brake in time, she would have been run over, and the IX News would have reported `Drunk Driver driving at 80kms speed runs over a pedestrian’. He spoke like the reporters in such drama news channels.
I laughed, and could have left it at that but I wanted to play with the driver’s thought process. Though I knew the answer, I ventured to ask `How do you know these minute details? Do you regularly see them?’ He replied in the affirmative, and also asserted that he was an avid viewer of such news channels. Next I p…

Hindi Medium Passes With Distinction - Movie Review

`Hindi Medium’, if it happens for real must be the most amusing roller coaster ride for any family. It is unimaginable to think of a family moving from Old Delhi to Vasanth Vihar to a slum in Delhi, back to Vasant Vihar and finally back to reality.
Before we proceed further, `Hindi Medium’ is remake of a Malayalam film, and the heroine Mita is played by a Pakistani actress. I have no problem with either, especially Saba Qamar who looks a million bucks and a actress par excellence. HM is a harsh story told well enough to not offend the sentiments of the upper middle class, that is so eager to see their children educated in any Tom, Dick (oh that word might offend someone), school which prefixes it name with Convent or International School. I know of a school in Bengaluru East which does not have enough space to even assemble all its students in the corridor but calls itself as an International School. Wonder what the education authorities are doing about it? Parents have always an inf…

An Extract From Voltaire's `Candide' That Explains The Faith Of Die Hard Fans In Their Idol.

Voltaire is the best advocate for democracy, and separation of church from state. As a satirical polemicist, he frequently made use of his works to criticize intolerance, religious dogma, and the French institutions of his day. One of his best works is `Candide’. I don’t know in what context he wrote this paragraph, but this one perfectly describes the irrational belief a few die hard supporters have in their political leaders. They don’t even know, that their idol is making a hash of the job assigned to him but vehemently abuse those who question their leader’s actions. Here is the extract  from `Candide’ by Voltaire. `We’re going to another world’ said Candide ` It must be the one in which all is well, because I must admit that it is possible to complain about some of the things that go on in our world, from both a physical and a moral point of view (the highlighted portion in yellow in the present context of a few societies can be seen in the behavior of a few die hard fans critici…

A Few Quotes From `Full Moon' by PG Wodehouse

The Master could have very well named this book as `Full Fun’. This must be one of the funniest works of PG Wodehouse, very difficult to pick the few good ones. I’m re-reading this book. This blog is written for Indiblogger’s Indispire edition number 171 on Favourite Authors
Unlike the rest of the female members of her family, who were tall and stately, Lady Herimone Wedge was short and dumpy and looked like a cook – in her softer moods, a cook well satisfied with her latest soufflé; when stirred to anger, a cook about to give notice; but always a cook of strong character. Neverthless for the eye of love is not affected by externals, it was with courtly devotion that her husband, avoiding the face cream, bent and kissed the top of her boudoir cap. They were a happy and united couple. Colonel Wedge was exhibiting that slight sheepishness which comes to married men when the names of those whom they themselves esteem highly but of whom they are aware that their wives disapprove crop up …

It's The Taj