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Superstitions are not bad but dont cling on them

Superstition as defined by the Oxford Dictionary means “Excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the super natural. A widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as bringing good or bad luck”.

I don’t think there is anybody on this earth, living or dead; who does not have his/her own set of superstitions. Even the most sworn atheist would have superstitions because they transcend the barriers of religion and are more often subconscious.

Superstitions make an individual undesirable in society when it hurts the being of another. A popular superstition is the black cat crossing. I find this superstition most amusing because the black cat never stops its journey because you crossed its path. An inhuman superstition would be elders saying don’t go when a particular person is standing outside the house. An equally ridiculous one is “don’t ask where you are going?” when someone is stepping out of the house. Most of these superstitions have vanished fr…

Fortnight that changed Indian Cricket

09/06/1983 to 25/06/1983 is the fortnight that changed Indian Cricket. We became the World Champions. Aussie skipper Kim Hughes had before the WC rated India as the dark horses and how true was his prophecy. I am trying to capture the mood in my locality during the fortnight. The whole locality had only one B&W TV and the owner Prakash uncle was kind enough to let the entire colony watch the live telecast.

Mohinder Amarnath had made a famous comeback in 1983 against Pakistan and West Indies. GRV’s career was prematurely ended by the selectors. The entire balance of the team rested on the great Kapil Dev. Selection of Yashpal Sharma in place of the great GRV was taken with a pinch of salt by all the elders of my locality, except Raman uncle who staunchly defended his selection on the grounds that he was a great fielder and an excellent runner between the wickets. Majority gave no chance to an Indian team at the WC without the greatest stroke-maker GRV. You see, Seniors V Junior…

Flush that fairness cream

If on someday I have to pioneer a public interest litigation, it would be against the ads which propagate the virtues of a fair skin. I am dark skinned but never felt anyway inferior, intellectually nor emotionally, to a fair skinned person. I have nothing against a fair skinned person but a few greedy ad professionals with a sole intention of selling a fairness cream are trying to create an inferiority complex amongst dark skinned people. It is this propaganda in an already fair skin obsessed society which provokes me.

Dark skin color ridiculing in our society is akin to the discrimination against a girl child in rural India. Ours is a country where most people especially from the southern part are dark skinned. The Government bans liquor ads/ cigarette ads/ provocative ads but why not a fairness cream ad which shows that dark skinned people not being capable of being an airhostess, news reader, un-dateable, etc, etc? How can the Government remain silent to a profit motive which prom…