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A Mistaken Collection Of Funny Poems

What Was A Mistake? It was a mistake to assume At 15, grades meant knowledge. At 20, a good job meant life. At 25, marriage meant bliss. At 30, a pledged home meant asset. At 35, driving a car meant pride At 40 plus, my poetries amuse people
What is a Mistake? Be bothered about the glass than quench your thirst. To say err is human and worry about six sigma To assume grass is greener on the other side, standing in a desert. Get married and accept that it takes two for an argument Queue up for a free offer and say there are no free lunches in the world Reluctantly leave office in the wee hours and claim there is no place like home. Wax about the early bird that catches the prey and claim better late than never  Entrust your future to an orator and understand that empty vessels make more sound To say democracy is by the people and quell & sedate dissent.
Was it a Mistake? My Friends said propose to your girl on the banks of a body of water With a card, words of love and a bunch of flo…