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Who Can Say All Is Well?

The people who believe:-

1. A fairness cream can improve their personality.
2. A cool drink can make you bold.
3. A deodorant can make females swoon over a guy.
4. A health drink can increase the growth of your children.
5. A suiting can make you a better man.
6. A soap can make you look young.
7. A bigger car can make a happier family
8. A flavoured condom can make you a better lover.
9. A cooking oil can make you healthier

are the ones who are oblivious of the bitter truth around them, and pretend "All is Well".

The Laws Of The Mutton Biryani Cult

Everybody has their own cult, why not biryani lovers to be more precise Mutton Biryani lovers? It’s time Mutton Biryani lovers of the world had their own cult. A true `Mutton Biryani’ lover can never commit a crime. `Mutton Biryani’ can be consumed at very economical rates, so you don’t need to commit a crime. After having a `Mutton Biryani’ all your temptations are satisfied, so you cannot commit a crime. `Mutton Biryani’ is the ultimate pleasure, so you need  not commit a crime for pleasure. Every cult should have its own rules. By the power of the 1000s of Mutton Biryanis I have relised and assimilated in my system, I hereby declare the rules for the Mutton Biryani Cult (M-BC).
├╝Thou shall always mention the words `Mutton Biryani’ with a divine awe.

├╝Thou shall never have a `Mutton Biryani’ in hurry. This also disqualifies you from entering any `Mutton Biryani’ eating challenges because such challenges involve gobbling food, and `Mutton Biryani’ has to be relished an…

A Few Rules Of Mutton Biryani Cult

Blood is thicker than water and Mutton Biryani is the only biryani

Aloo in Mutton Biryani is like mother in law staying with you.

Vegetable Biryani is the food equivalent of Money in a Monopoly game.


Dissenting Diagnosis by Dr Arun Gadre and Dr Abhay Shukla This blog is more of a book recommendation than a book review This book is an eye opener on the frauds that go in the healthcare industry. We cannot avoid going to a hospital but such books help us to be aware of the pitfalls in the treatment we are getting. We cannot avoid all of them. The book is priced at a nominal Rs.399/-. It is written in simple language avoiding medical jargon to the extent possible. The book is divided into 12 logically arranged chapters each discussing the ails of the medical sector in India.
Note about the authors. Both the authors are qualified and are not just talking through their hats. Dr Arun Gadre is a gynaecologist. Dr Abhay Shukla is a public health physician, with a post-graduate degree in community medicine from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
Chapter 1 contains an interview with Dr Vijay Ajgaonkar, Senior Diabetologist, Mumbai – The contents of this chapter should send…