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The Mystery of Mussoorie - Written For Fun

This piece is written for fun, and not meant to hurt anyone.      

  When I had left Bengaluru for Dehradun, I had promised my friends and family that weekends are going to be exclusively devoted to trips in and around. It was getting close to one month, except for making trips to the clock tower, The Cross Road Mall and a movie, nothing much happened with weekends in Dehradun.
     Last weekend, I decided I am going to turn the first page in my Dehradun travel diary, and hired a taxi to go to Mussoorie, the queen of hills. To ensure that I capture all the moments of the trip, I charged the camera battery on the previous night.

Rainfall in Dehradun means snowfall in Mussoorie heard, the tradition in Dehradun is, as and when there is rainfall, especially during the weekends, is to inform their friends and relatives staying in Delhi and nearby areas of the same. They in turn rush to Mussoorie. Not satisfied with informing their friends and relatives, the Doonians also scamper to…