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I Me and Myself discuss on Share Market crisis

I, Me and Myself met up recently and during the course of conversation started talking on the stock market. Needless to say our consciences ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON were there.
I is in serious problems because of the stock market meltdown but still swears by the markets. He considers himself an expert investor (actually he is an ECHO-SPURT just repeating what the analysts talk on business channels)
Me is a WINDOW SHOPPING investor, that is, he has not invested even a single pie in the market but keeps on adding shares in the mock portifolio in web sites. Whenever these shares go up, he gets depressed and elated when share value drops. Needless, he is enjoying the market melt down.
Myself is a HARDCORE BJ FAN (BRICKS AND JEWELS). He buys gold and land like a ritual. His land records files are as bulky as the files with the Registrar of Births and Deaths. Needless to say, with the spurt in the prices of Gold, he isas delighted as a monkey in a glass cage with a banana dangling on the othe…