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`CHASING THE BRIGAND' BY Shri K Vijaykumar Is An Experience To Be Read And Lived.

Everybody loves to read a book that is based on a real life incident. The palpation increases if it is about one of India’s most cold blooded killer whose Robin Hood image was an alibi to his demonic side of destruction of forest and least regard to the laws. That he was hunted down by the law, and did not die a natural death or become a leader is largely due to the efforts of two state governments and one man in particular K Vijay Kumar , IPS.                 His book `Chasing the Brigand’ brings to life one of India’s biggest manhunt of India’s most dreaded brigand Verappan.                 In an age, where retired officers take pride in revealing, intricate moments from their bureaucratic life, K Vijay Kumar, IPS says he would not reveal the details of functioning of CPT (Close Protection Team) of the PM. Hats off to you, sir!!  On the top of it, he refers to the Late Ms. Jayalalitha only as CM or Kum Jayalalitha, and not the usual sobriquet. Do you require better proof of mettle …

CoCo Is Not Just A Movie, It Is An Emotion

The movie begins with a lengthy anime of Olaf’s Frozen. It is as irritating as going to a restaurant to have a good mutton biryani and finding that its management insists that you first have curd rice as a compliment.                 There is this Imelda Riveria married to a musician, who one day decides to walk out to pursue his dreams never to return. The family bans music from its family routine, and instead concentrates making shoes. Quite a logical thought given that more people want to wear footwear and later listen to music.                 Generation after generation complies with this diktat, until Miguel appears on the scene. He wants to follow the footsteps of his great- great grandfather. Who is his great grandfather is the story.                 Much before that he damages the photo of Imelda, gets caught by his grandmother for possessing a guitar, who instantly breaks it and he cannot enter a music contest since he does not have a guitar. On the day of t…