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I Me and Myself Rave, Rant and Ruin Poetry

I, Me and Myself met up with poetry on mind. I raves about poetry;  Me rants about it and Myself ruins poetry. As usual our consciences ICON, MECON and MYSELFCON participated in the meet.
We met up in an Italian restaurant `Chianti’. Myself `I think if you can read this menu with an Italian accent, that itself would be poetry’ MYSELFCON `AND IF YOU CAN APPRECIATE THIS FOOD, THAT WOULD BE A BIG MYSTERY’ Me giving Myself a dismissive look `what sense does poetry make? Why cannot it be expressed as a prose?’ I `Wordsworth once said poetry is spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings’ Myself starts giggling uncontrollably while I and Me gave him a stern look understanding what was on his mind. MYSELFCON ` HIS SPONTANEOUS OVERFLOW CANNOT BE POETRY FOR FAMILY READING :P ‘ Me `how can you say that? A picture can say a thousand words’ I `How can picture express your feelings about a female’s attitude, for that you require poetry’ ICON `ESPECIALLY IF IT IS THROWING PLATES, GLASSES AT HIM OR A…