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I, Me and Myself discuss on traffic indiscipline in our cities

I, Me and Myself recently met up to discuss the traffic indiscipline on our roads. Whenever we start our discussions, our consciences join the same and expose our hypocrisies. They are aptly named as ICON (I’s conscience), MECON (ME’s conscience) and MYSELFCON (MY’s conscience).
I hates traffic indiscipline whereas Me justifies it and Myself is having fun at the expense of the two. I starts off by saying ` the traffic indiscipline in the city is getting disgusting’ Me `In such a busy life, traffic discipline becomes the first casualty?’ Myself `Let us face it I, you are disciplined because you don’t have the driving skills to be indisciplined’ Me `Ha, ha, that is so correct’ Myself `and you think being indisciplined is the only way to prove your driving skills’ MYSELFCON `He thinks by being humorous he will get away with the horrible language he uses while driving’ MECON `He is cunning always swears with the window shutters up and a smile on his face’
I `Motorists indiscipline create …