Sunday, 15 July 2012

I, Me and Myself discuss on traffic indiscipline in our cities

I, Me and Myself recently met up to discuss the traffic indiscipline on our roads. Whenever we start our discussions, our consciences join the same and expose our hypocrisies. They are aptly named as ICON (I’s conscience), MECON (ME’s conscience) and MYSELFCON (MY’s conscience).

I hates traffic indiscipline whereas Me justifies it and Myself is having fun at the expense of the two.
I starts off by saying ` the traffic indiscipline in the city is getting disgusting’
Me `In such a busy life, traffic discipline becomes the first casualty?’
Myself `Let us face it I, you are disciplined because you don’t have the driving skills to be indisciplined’
Me `Ha, ha, that is so correct’
Myself `and you think being indisciplined is the only way to prove your driving skills’
MYSELFCON `He thinks by being humorous he will get away with the horrible language he uses while driving’
MECON `He is cunning always swears with the window shutters up and a smile on his face’

I `Motorists indiscipline create traffic jams’
Me `Why blame citizens when the roads are so narrow and everybody has to reach on time?’
Myself `Our citizens are capable of creating a traffic jam even on a 200ft road’
ICON `Traffic Jams happen when people don’t move orderly and stomach upset happens when people don’t eat orderly’

I `Motorist drive on the wrong side of the road, footpath and create a chaos everywhere. We don’t have lane discipline’
Me `When there are no vehicles coming from the other side, what is the wrong in driving on other side of the divider. Even otherwise vehicles coming from other side can see and adjust themselves’
Myself `as far as footpaths are concerned, if we don’t drive on it, the shopkeepers will encroach it, so by driving on it we are doing a service for the pedestrians’
MECON `People don’t mind a switch hit on a cricket field but on the road they can’t accept it’
MYSELF `The British practiced divide and rule, now the traffic police is doing the same thing with dividers and lane discipline, we won’t accept it’
ICON `Also we should stick to our national ideals, united we stand, divided we fall, so no lane discipline’

I `we park our vehicles wherever we want and obstruct traffic’
Me `The shopping complexes should provide for parking place, either they don’t have one or charge exorbitant rates, so we are forced to park on the roads’
Myself ` even if we park our cars in middle of the road, we put the parking lights on, that shows our traffic courtesy’
ICON `The problem is no matter how many hours you park your vehicle in a no parking area, you pay only Rs.100/-‘
MECON `Even if the Government increases the fine amount, these guys may demand a tax exemption for it but never follow the rules’

I `Have you seen the number of under aged drivers, chronic signal jumpers, perennial mobile talking drivers, non-helmet/ /seat belt wearers’
Me `It happens in such a big city, you will find each one won’t follow a traffic rule for their own compulsions, that does not mean we are unruly’
Myself `adding to what he said, you don’t have a traffic cop every 100 meters, so why we should follow the rules’
MECON `we practice unity in diversity as far as travesty of rules is concerned’

I, Me and Myself left the venue and in the background, ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON were singing

                Rules, Rules, Traffic Rules they are never meant for fools
                Breaking rules makes us feel the king of roads.
                To Drink & Drive, a few strive
                Getting away without punishment helps the tribes thrive.
                Going Triples on a bike is our way of saving petrol
                Honk, Honk and Honk ensures wheels non-stop roll.
                Using mobiles while driving for non-stop talk
                High beam lights keeps away the dark.
                Who cares if we look like a selfish shark?
                Fancy fonts for our number plates
                Overloading School vans
                Feeds our devlish egos and greeds.
                The cops can keep the cameras to catch us
                But can they fine each one of us
                Even if they do, we will never learn traffic sense
                We are a free, free, free nation
                Where following the law is only an option.



  1. Dear Balu,


    Good one man, driving on footpaths willl drive away the hawkers too eh !

    HAHA regards


  2. This is absolutely fabulous ... yet, I want to choose what felt best for me, besides the parting lines in red -

    "Myself `as far as footpaths are concerned, if we don’t drive on it, the shopkeepers will encroach it, so by driving on it we are doing a service for the pedestrians’"

    Thanks a lot. This was worth the wait.


  3. Thanks Kamalji for the kind comments

  4. Raghu,

    thanks for liking it so much, ha, ha that line was a last minute induction



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