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I Me and Myself plan to write a book

I wants to write a book. To discuss this, I, Me and Myself met up and as usual ICON, MECON and MYSELFCON accompanied us.
Me started by asking I `Are you going to write a book? '
MECON `Will he atleast read it when it is published'
ICON `Never mind as such in any book, he does not read more than ten pages each  in the beginning, middle & ending'
Myself `What are you going to write about romance, crime, fiction or satire'
I ` A mix of all'
ICON `A book whose method of publication will be fictitious, pricing will be sleaze, reader will search for the author to commit a crime and fate of the author will be satire'
Me `What will be the title of the book?'
I `Sojourns of a Blogger'
ICON `which can be abbreviated as SOB'
MYSELFCON `which also expands as Stale Obnoxious Book'

Myself `I think you should dedicate the book to the three of us'
MYSELFCON `That is the only way this guy's name will ever appear in a published book'
Me `What is the …