Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I Me and Myself plan to write a book

I wants to write a book. To discuss this, I, Me and Myself met up and as usual ICON, MECON and MYSELFCON accompanied us.

Me started by asking I `Are you going to write a book? '

MECON `Will he atleast read it when it is published'

ICON `Never mind as such in any book, he does not read more than ten pages each  in the beginning, middle & ending'

Myself `What are you going to write about romance, crime, fiction or satire'

I ` A mix of all'

ICON `A book whose method of publication will be fictitious, pricing will be sleaze, reader will search for the author to commit a crime and fate of the author will be satire'

Me `What will be the title of the book?'

I `Sojourns of a Blogger'

ICON `which can be abbreviated as SOB'

MYSELFCON `which also expands as Stale Obnoxious Book'

Myself `I think you should dedicate the book to the three of us'

MYSELFCON `That is the only way this guy's name will ever appear in a published book'

Me `What is the storyline?'

I `It is about an honest blogger in a corrupt society, who becomes a prominent figure in an anti corruption rally'

MECON `Is the blogger honest only while writing blogs or in his actions also?'

ICON `If he is really honest, at the end, he will commit suicide on knowing the truth about the activists'

Myself `Have you approached any publisher or agent?'

I `Yes, three of them with my synopsis, one asked me to come with a manuscript'

ICON `One offered him a cheque for not writing and another offered him a published book for a cheque'

MECON `That is an indecent proposal'

Me `How will you make the book sell?'

I `Write well, use social media to promote the book, etc'

Me `No create some controversy about the book, like get some group to burn a copy of the book or somebody to tell it is a stolen idea'

ICON `Most buyers of the book will be burning it, so that is taken care off'

MYSELFCON `All said and done this book is an original scrap. Who else can write on such a weird concept?'

MECON `A better idea would be to release a pirated copy of the book even before the original is released'

Myself `How do you intend to price it?'

I `Very nominal, so that everybody can afford it'

ICON `Such a pricing will help him buy many copies on his own to ensure that it is a best seller'

MECON `and also to ensure that when sold they recover some value in the old paper mart'

Me `You never showed us the preface'

I `It is very unconventional and thought provoking. I will mail it to you guys''

ICON `It is written unconventionally because he does not have the knowledge to write classy'

MECON `Usually first time authors say this book is a part of me but in his case it is the only part'

I `Ok guys, we will leave now'

Me and Myself `All the best, we too hope to follow the suit'

As the three depart, ICON, MECON and MYSELFCON sing

I am gonna to write a book
Story which happens in every nook

Classy writing it's going to get a snook
My skills amongst the swans are just a rook

I'll make it a best seller by hook or crook.
Would you mind to have a look?

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