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When Tables Turned - A Short Story

Vishwas  Anaaanthanaryan Trivikrama (VAT as he likes to call himself) is a software engineer who had landed in Bangalore three days ago, having got an appointment letter from a software company. He was staying with his cousin, Govindraju Sai Trivikrama (GST, though he did not like to be called so).
VAT was an unwelcome guest in GST’s flat. GST abhorred VAT but if someone’s grandfather had sponsored your father’s education, though after taking away his land, and held the post of Village Panchayat Chairman, you have no option but to accommodate such a cousin and sacrifice your data plan to fuel his desire to view porn. In the last three days, VAT had exhausted 20 GB data plan viewing porn and made GST to wonder, whether cousin VAT had studied software or porn ware in his college. In the midst of all this, dominating GST thoughts were how to convince Smita, his girlfriend, to say yes to marriage, and before her roving eye manager convinces her to come for an onsite assignment to UK. No…