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Cliches from Bollywood of the 70's

Bollywood of the 70s had its own charm. Movies were firmly moving away from the black and white era towards color films. Eastman color movies; mix of melodious and jarring songs; action films; long lost brother tales; plumpy heroines, etc contributed to the aura of films of those days. Like films of every era, they had their own clichés. The most interesting was certain clichés in films of those days which are carried on till date:Brothers-in-arms1.Separated brothers unite courtesy a family song which they remember with lyrics even after ages. (Wah Kya Memory hain!)2.Long lost brothers never recognised each other till the last reel. (or else how to run the film for 18 reels)3.It was mandatory for one of the separated brothers to become a cop and another thief. (we love playing police-chor)Herogiri4.Hero becomes unrecognizable to the villain once he wears a false beard. (Get your eyes checked Mr. Villain)5.Hero an honest police inspector resides in a palatial bungalo…