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Funny Poetries On `Who Am I"?

They said the theme is `Who am I?’ I thought about it, till my grey cells went dry Inside my soul everything is grey, sleazy and full of greed I said to myself, if I have to say, WTF – What to Fake.  I said to myself, WTF – Why Try and Fail I decided to describe myself, front to hind. I shall exercise discretion So here goes the description Scalp sparsely populated, the few available strands coloured. Inside the scalp near vacuum Eyes which never lie but full of sty Ears which welcome complimentary stuff, to taunts they turn deaf. Face Oily, Nose twiddly and Tongue loves it spicy Neck lengthy, spondylosis its best buddy Spine twisted, never in the presence of boss it is straightened. Heart, full of sleaze, greed, and treachery. Stomach ever ready, to devour a biryani. Here, I shall exercise my discretion Knees which are weak, creak and tweak in motion. Feets which are very fleet, to run across the street, when wife comes to beat.
My inside story is mediocre I’m hollow at the core No six pack to make me a …