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Definite Don'ts for Metro Rail users in Bangalore

Metro Rail is going to roll out in Bangalore shortly. It is aptly named as Namma Metro (Our Metro). Given that Bangaloreans are very civil in their behavior, thought I could put out a list of Definite Don'ts in Namma Metro:

1.   You cannot take request stops in Namma Metro, unlike in the bus.
2.   You cannot get in and out of a running metro train. Also, you cannot travel hanging on the footboard.
3.    The trains will stop at each station for maximum of half a minute; hence please don’t block the entrance.
4.    Get off from the train only on the side which the door opens and please don’t bang on the doors to open them
5.    Ticketless travel is not possible in metro rail.
6.    Two wheelers, don’t try to climb on the metro tracks in case of traffic jam, first it is not practically not possible and most importantly, you maybe hit by an oncoming metro train, which cannot deviate from its  track, no matter how much you honk.
7.     There is no need to stop your vehicle when a met…