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The HP Indiblogger Meet in Bangalore

This was my third Indibloggers meet.  I have been on Indiblogger   from a long time but never attended an Indiblogger meet till the Surf Excel one. Enroute I picked up my friends Aram Bhusal and Praveen Kumar and we drew together to the venue. We reached early and went out to for a quick munch in the restaurant nearby. After completing the registration formalities, we sat in the same place.  After an awesome Guitar performance and a song, Anoop, the host for the event asked us to sit apart from our friends and introduce ourselves to the persons seated in the table. Thus I met Mithun and Meena. This arrangement is unique and should be followed in all the meets to come because it gives you a chance to interact with co-bloggers. Next was 30 seconds of fame and Anoop asked us to imitate our favorite personality/character and I introduced myself and said that my favorite personality is “Dr Manmohan Singh”, that was it  I did not have to speak any further and for keeping mum I got a flash d…