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MLM dreams

This is the story of Bolenath who was sucked into the eternal dream of attaining financial freedom through one of the multi level marketing scheme called “Network Way”
Bolenath had just finished his work and returning home by his scooter. It started raining and he took shelter under a nearby tree. One more guy came in his bike and also took shelter under the same tree. The rain was steady and Bole was admiring the cars driving past him. A Merc passed by him and he could not resist turning around for a second look.
The guy next to him told “How nice it would be if you had such a car?”
Bolenath laughed and said “Nice thought! I can’t even afford to pay for even its one service”
The guy replied “How if I taught you a way to buy that car”
Bolenath quipped “Loot the bank which is opposite to us”
The guy “No, I will teach you how to build a pipeline of money”
Bolenath “What? Who is going to provide the flow? What sort of business are we getting into?”
The Guy “Hi! My name is …

The Amavasya Girl

This story is not about fostering superstitions. This is just about how an individual can convert perceived negative traits to benefit society at large. I am opposed to any superstition which demeans an individual. This short story is an attempt to debunk a popular superstition that a girl born on Amavasya becomes an immoral woman and is prone to theft. This is the story of Shwetha, a girl who combined these perceived qualities for saving her country.

I don’t know anything about ethical hacking and its technicalities. Any glitches in this regard may kindly be excused. A certain amount of sleaze is involved in this story. I understand that this will read by people of all hues and have attempted to avoid any type of undesirable content. However, reader discretion is recommended.

The most wanted criminals of India were finally apprehended in a neighboring country and deported back home. The jails of the country were overflowing with associates of these criminals. A huge network of terr…