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Someday we will

Someday we will conquer death
Someday we will learn to live our lives before death!

Someday we will live on another planet
Someday we will realize that we failed to preserve our own planet!

Someday we will end the wars
Someday we will realize that it was our ego that caused all the wars!

Someday we will see the almighty.
Someday we will realize that he was there every time we did our duty!

Someday we will have honest rulers.
Someday we will realize that we tolerated their ruthlessness!

Someday my family and friends will accept me despite my flaws
Someday I will learn to keep my commitments!

Someday I will be rich
Someday I will realize that all things are not within my reach!

Some day I will write better poems.
Some day I will realize that emotions are all that counts!

Stop this Rs.2 per kg rice drama

I first heard this concept of Rs.2 per kg of rice when I was in my intermediate. At the time it was introduced in Andhra by the charismatic NTR. My English Lecturer waxed eloquently on the virtues of this scheme for eradicating poverty. Far sighted he was, he cautioned that next year the price should be increased by atleast 20 paisa so that it does not become a burden on the exchequer. That was 20 years ago but the Rs.2 per kg rice slogan is yet to desert the landscape of Indian Politics. Orissa Government is shortly to start giving Rs.2 per kg rice to poor people.
20 years back the price of one kg good quality rice in the market was around Rs.12. There was economic sense in giving it at Rs.2 but today what sense it makes. Today good quality rice in the market is around Rs.30. Very well this rice can be given free of cost. What difference will an additional Rs.2 burden on the drowned finances of most state governments? How many more elections have to be won on the basis of this Rs.2…

Dhoni is not ready for Khel Ratna Award

Dhoni premature to receive Khel Ratna award

Dhoni is a good cricketer who has the potentials to make it really big. But I don’t believe he has achieved enough to be awarded the “Khel Ratna” award so early in the day. Captaining India to a T20 WC victory and a series victory in an ODI series in Australia does not qualify him to be awarded the Khel Ratna. Popular public hype would suggest that he is the most deserving candidate for the award but let the proprietary of the award not be breached by hype.
Khel Ratna awards are equivalent to Bharat Ratna as far as sports are concerned. Leave alone giving Dhoni the award, he should not even be recommended now. The only cricketer to have got this award is Sachin Tendulkar. Greats like Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly, and Lakshman have not even been recommended for this award. Their achievements are a part of legend and I won’t delve into it. I don’t think Dhoni has achieved even a fraction of what they have done. For that matter, he is yet to provide…

How I am going to manage inflation?


Inflation is hitting the roof. It is going to hurt very badly a person like me who has got a stable but largely immobile salary. All these years I have got used to a pseudo luxury life courtesy the stable prices. I could easily borrow (thanks to the low interest rates) to satiate my unreasonable consumer demands. In the middle of this golden consumer run, I managed to convince a bank into giving me a home loan. Now with the increasing prices and interest rates, the proverbial “hand to mouth existence” may be a dream because I may have to chew only on fingers. To keep myself afloat I have decided to adopt these novel methods to beat the inflation.

Food is the most important item of expenditure. To cut down on this expenditure I am going to pay frequent visits to every known relative and remotely connected friend’s house. My late stay in office will increase on the other days to ensure that my dinner is booked to office. Some of my colleagues have already noticed this…

Reality shows are not alien to our culture


There is a huge hue and cry about the impact that reality shows are having on our society. Turn back the pages, realty shows have been a part of our culture from days immemorial.

Remember how Ram won Sita. In fact fixing of realty shows is also a part of our culture. Remember how Ram intervened in the contest between Vali and Sughreev. Participant taunting is also not new to our culture, remember how Karna was insulted for reasons of birth by Dronacharya. Arjun winning Draupadi was also a part of a reality show. Pandavas losing Draupadi again was a part of the realty show or for that matter the condition that the last year has to be spent in disguise was similar to “Big Brother”. Also you could recall the great contest between Lord Subramanya and Ganesh for the divine fruit and how Lord Ganesh won it the smart way.

Our legend is full of stories on prince’s displaying their talents in a public contest to win over the princess or rescuing her from a magician after cro…

The Bannaa Peel, what it says about you


It is said that the footwear a person wears reveals his class. In our country, if you want to find an individual’s civic sense or lack of it, just buy him a banana on the streets. Most of them after eating the banana would end up throwing the peel behind them. If a person is truly careless, he would throw it anywhere but most of us throw it sub-consciously behind us. It is as if to suggest “I have enjoyed the banana, don’t want to skid over the peel but don’t mind the guy coming behind skidding over”. It just reflects how insensitive and selfish we are. After all discarding a banana peel into the dustbin, won’t sap us of our energy. Partly to blame is our films who with their sense of dry comedy reflect a person skidding over a banana peel as a laughing matter. It maybe a laughing matter for the onlookers but not for the victim. At times it can be life crippling or even death.
I find it nauseating to find Banana peels in the middle of a footpath. If somebody is such…

We dont want a bio fuel mafia in India, do we?


With petrol prices going up, the new fad is bio fuel. The arguments put forward are it is cheap and that is zero polluting. Bio Fuel or Crude is a Hobson’s choice and as the old saying goes “Trust a known devil rather than an unknown fairy”.

If Bio-fuel is produced from food meant for you and me, as the demand for it goes up, the prices of these commodities will go up and also there will be a severe scarcity. One of the reasons attributed for the global increase of food prices is bio-fuel. If Bio-fuel has to be produced exclusively, then the existing thin cover of forests will be further endangered. The threat that bio-fuel posses to our forest cover is unimaginable. It will lead to large scale deforestation, soil erosion, vanishing of more species, etc. Recently there have been large scale protests in Kenya against letting out 80 square miles of Tana River Delta for bio-fuel production. This delta is to be converted as a sugarcane plantation unmindful of the fact t…

Strave the corruption monster, dont love to bribe

We all complain that corruption is rampant in our country but in our heart it seems we all love to bribe. We feel that bribing a person is the best way to acknowledge that he/she is doing a good job. This attitude is more with people who lived their youth during the 70’s and 80’s when almost everything save breathing and producing babies was under socialist control. Even today there are some avenues where cannot we avoid paying a bribe; we have to fall in line. This blog is not about eradicating corruption but let us at least lessen the scope of corruption wherever possible.
I recently developed a desire to go abroad and hence applied for a passport. A police constable came for the customary check and with his own expectations of a few crunchy notes. He started off in the usual stern note of asking my name, etc, etc. I showed him each and every document proof he asked for. He was tiring but did not budge and started appreciating my house, the interiors, etc. I kept conversing with him …