Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Bannaa Peel, what it says about you

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It is said that the footwear a person wears reveals his class. In our country, if you want to find an individual’s civic sense or lack of it, just buy him a banana on the streets. Most of them after eating the banana would end up throwing the peel behind them. If a person is truly careless, he would throw it anywhere but most of us throw it sub-consciously behind us. It is as if to suggest “I have enjoyed the banana, don’t want to skid over the peel but don’t mind the guy coming behind skidding over”. It just reflects how insensitive and selfish we are. After all discarding a banana peel into the dustbin, won’t sap us of our energy. Partly to blame is our films who with their sense of dry comedy reflect a person skidding over a banana peel as a laughing matter. It maybe a laughing matter for the onlookers but not for the victim. At times it can be life crippling or even death.
I find it nauseating to find Banana peels in the middle of a footpath. If somebody is such a lazy bum, atleast he can throw it on the corner, why right in the middle. Whenever I see such peels, I do try to clear them. I don’t mind doing this self-appointed scavenger job but to find educated persons indulging in this is irritating. Enjoy your banana and throw the peel into an open gutter atleast. First it won’t explode and most importantly, it is a bio-degradable material. As the former President APJ said we won’t indulge in such acts if we are in Singapore, we can make our country a more civic place by simple voluntary acts.

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