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Effective Business Writing by Patric Forsyth


Patrick Forsyth runs Touchstone Training and Consultancy, which advises on marketing, management and communication skills. An established author he has written many successful business books including Successful Time Management, How to Motivate People and The PowerPoint Detox. Numerous translations of his titles have appeared around the world.

Effective Business Writing is arranged into seven chapters. The book is not all theory but contains a lot of light hearted stuff to highlight the mishaps that could be caused by faulty communication. Here are a few extracts from the book:

1.In the interest of security please ensure that your door is fully closed firmly before entering or leaving your room – sign on the inside of a hotel room doors – and a good trick if you can do it.

2.A superfluous sign on a motorway "This sign is not in use"

3.Notice in the bathroom of a hotel in Portugal "Please ensure that mat is affixed firmly to bottom before entering shower&q…