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Once upon a timeline ..... childhood stories re-written

Times have changed, chatting with friends on Facebook, rather than face-to-face, is the in-thing. It is not far off, when stories will start with “once upon a timeline”. Here, a list of childhood stories re-written for the once upon a timeline generation.
The Thirsty Crow Once upon a timeline, there lived a crow. One day he was thirsty, he saw a pot full of water in a friend's friend’s profile. However, he could not drink it because the images were protected. So the crow went ahead and liked all the post on the friend's friend’s timeline and later messaged him for water, the friend's friend shared it with the crow. Moral: If anybody holds your lifeline, like all that is there in their Facebook timeline :p
Hare and Tortoise Once upon a timeline, a tortoise and rabbit had a race on whose page will have maximum likes one year later. After one year, the tortoise had more likes on his page, because the rabbits mating season lasts nine months. Moral: If you are busy ******* around, i…