Saturday, 20 October 2012

Once upon a timeline ..... childhood stories re-written

Times have changed, chatting with friends on Facebook, rather than face-to-face, is the in-thing. It is not far off, when stories will start with “once upon a timeline”. Here, a list of childhood stories re-written for the once upon a timeline generation.

The Thirsty Crow
Once upon a timeline, there lived a crow. One day he was thirsty, he saw a pot full of water in a friend's friend’s profile. However, he could not drink it because the images were protected. So the crow went ahead and liked all the post on the friend's friend’s timeline and later messaged him for water, the friend's friend shared it with the crow.
Moral: If anybody holds your lifeline, like all that is there in their Facebook timeline :p

Hare and Tortoise
Once upon a timeline, a tortoise and rabbit had a race on whose page will have maximum likes one year later. After one year, the tortoise had more likes on his page, because the rabbits mating season lasts nine months.
Moral: If you are busy ******* around, it does not matter whether you are Mallya or a rabbit, you are bound to lose :p.

The Cap Seller and The Monkeys
Once upon a time line, a businessman had a problem of lot of monkey’s posting spam on his page. He could not get rid of them. Then he remembered the trick of the cap seller dropping his hat. He copied the same idea and un-liked his own page, the moneys were smarter, they took over the page and blocked him out.
Moral: Just because someone is monkeying around, it does not mean that they don’t upgrade their knowledge :p

The Shepherd Who Cried Wolf Wolf
Once upon a timeline, there was a guy who had a laptop with dongle. He used to upload a lot of pictures on his Facebook account and annoyingly tag all his friends. One day, after having lunch at a restaurant, he realized that he had lost his wallet. Immediately, he tagged his picture with a request to help him out. All his friends thought it was a usual tag and ignored it. He had to pledge his valuables and pay the bill.
Moral:- Don’t tag anybody without a reason because when you tag with one people will ignore it.

if you want anymore of childhood stories to be re-written with such obnoxious morals, feel free to contact me :p

Happy Navarathri


  1. That was wonderful, Balu! The word verification, however, is not :)

  2. Terrific ... Now I know why few people read my posts though I send the URL to all and sundry - thanks for this advice.

    The other point I liked best is about the monkey-see-monkey-do-better! That is fabulous.


    1. Thanks Raghu for the encouraging words, I have removed the issues with posting comments, no longer the page will ask you prove that you are not a robot :p

  3. hahahaha ! amazingly hilarious morals!


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