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Why I Am Obsessed With P G Wodehouse Writings?

Lynne Truss once had remarked ` You should read Wodehouse when you’re well, and when you’re poorly; when you’re travelling, and when you’re not; when you’re feeling clever, and when you’re utterly dim. Wodehouse always lifts your spirits, no matter how high they happen to be already’ Lynne Truss. The above statement precisely is the reason why I’m obsessed with PG Wodehouse. He’s for me the greatest writer in English language, not just a humour writer but also one whose writings have hidden truths of life. I have taken this small passage of writing from his book `Heavy Weather’ to drive home, the point I’m trying to make.
Here, you can see how he builds up anticipation to a letter through a paragraph that is bigger than the incriminating letter It was a brief letter. Its writer’s eighteenth-century ancestors, who believed in filling their twelve sheets when they took pen in hand, would have winced at the sight of it.
Irony could not have been expressed better
But for all its brevity, i…

It Was Not His Mistake

It was not mistake to drown our sorrows in his products
It was banks mistake to drown their loans in his business.
It was not his mistake to flash around with hot girls
It was banks mistake to count them as his assets
It was not his mistake to start an airline
It was to treat as wisdom his grey hairline

When I love Mathematics

I love mathematics as long it is
adding my income
subtracting my taxes
multiplying my assets and
dividing my liabilities