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14 Weird Facts About Bangalore from a BBC Bangalore Guy

Having BBC (Born, Brought Up and Corrupted) in Bangalore, here is my list
of 14 weird facts about Bangalore
1.      BMTC buses go to places where Auto rickshaws refuse to go to.2.      Nobody knows how an average auto rickshaw driver makes his money.3.      You are supposed to know driving, only if you can break all the traffic
rules and drive. It’s your bad day if you get caught in Bangalore by a
traffic cop.4.      You have a Mangalore Bajji, Mysore Bonda, Dharwad Peda but no cuisine
it seems has originated from Bangalore.5.      Number of potholes on a road is directly proportional to the rent
charged. More number of potholes on a road means more rent.6.      Security Deposit is collected by an owner only to meet his medium term
cash needs, at times it can be 10 or 15 or 20 months of monthly rent.7.      Schools even without a compound call themselves as an International
School.8.      The average shopkeeper will park his wares on the footpath but won’t
allow you to park your vehicl…

Ten Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die

The title itself is absurd becaue I have a million things to do before I
die. I would love to kick a few on their faces before I die but I cannot
put down their names here. However, having taken up the challenge, here
are a few I would like to do before I die
I would love to have a bank balance in which the digit 9 is followed by
eight 9s. Once that is in place other things will fall in place. If I
write a blog then on this subject it will be truthful.I would love to travel Europe extensively with a visit to the PG Wodehouse
museum. Witnessing the Northern Lights is one thing I would relish. I
would love to do Bungee Jumping but given the present state of my neck, it
would remain a dream for ever. How kind is life to remind us that even if
you have a 9 digit balance with all 9s in it, certain things cannot be
conquered. A couple of nights stay at the Al Burj, Dubai would be the best
consolation to not being able to do Bungee Jumping. I would love to watch
Sunrise from the first point …