Tuesday, 23 September 2014

14 Weird Facts About Bangalore from a BBC Bangalore Guy

Having BBC (Born, Brought Up and Corrupted) in Bangalore, here is my list
of 14 weird facts about Bangalore

1.      BMTC buses go to places where Auto rickshaws refuse to go to.

2.      Nobody knows how an average auto rickshaw driver makes his money.

3.      You are supposed to know driving, only if you can break all the traffic
rules and drive. It’s your bad day if you get caught in Bangalore by a
traffic cop.

4.      You have a Mangalore Bajji, Mysore Bonda, Dharwad Peda but no cuisine
it seems has originated from Bangalore.

5.      Number of potholes on a road is directly proportional to the rent
charged. More number of potholes on a road means more rent.

6.      Security Deposit is collected by an owner only to meet his medium term
cash needs, at times it can be 10 or 15 or 20 months of monthly rent.

7.      Schools even without a compound call themselves as an International

8.      The average shopkeeper will park his wares on the footpath but won’t
allow you to park your vehicle in front of his shop.

9.      The guys who named localities in Bangalore had a great sense of humour.
There are countless Bomasandras, two LB Sastry Nagars (separated by a few
kilometers distance) and two Kanamangalas (at extreme ends of Bangalore).

10.     You have more bars than self service hotels; more self service hotels
than restaurants; more restaurants than play homes; more play homes than
playgrounds; less play grounds than temples; More temples than Government
Schools; Less Government schools than Beauty Parlours/Spas and More Beauty
Parlours than Parks.

11.     One prominent corporate hospital is located next to a crematorium.

12.     90% of the greenery in Bangalore is found in Defence Controlled Areas.

13.     You can’t find a locality in Bangalore which had a British name and
has not been renamed with an Indian name, yet referred to by its British

14.     Most places with circles as their surname eg Mekhri Circle no longer
have a circle.

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