Friday, 3 October 2008

I am a compulsive blogger, so what?

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I have been diagonised with Obsessive Compulsory Disorder for Blogging. The Doctor has told that I indulge in compulsive blogging. She is correct, I wake up and log into my Sulekha and Blogspot accounts.

I post a minimum of 1 blog and 25 comments a day. I search for topics to blog. TV News, mega serials, film songs, family functions, co-joggers, etc are the sources of my blogs. There is no restriction of topic and I have started presuming that I can comment about every topic under and above the Sun.

My meals never go down my throat until my blogs get a few hundreds views and comments. I make a cut and paste of my blog links and send to every email address I know. I solicit (read compel) comments from them. I make the most simplistic comments to other’s blogs.

Despite having an OCD for blogging, the following improvements have come into me:-
I wake up early in the morning to log into my blog accounts.
I go regularly to jogging, family functions and improved my social contacts as well as my health.
I have started thinking on a wide range of topics unlike previously when I used to exist from salary-slip to salary-slip.
Given that most of my blogs are badly written and not very popular, I feel bad and eat less. This has helped reduce my cholesterol levels.

So, I care three hoots for the Doctor and all those who comment that I am a compulsive blogger

Dearest Dada Saurav Ganguly

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Dearest Dada Saurav Ganguly,

Let me begin by saying that I am one of your greatest fans. I thought of you as a “regional quota” player, when you were inducted into the test team for the 1996 England Tour but your two consecutive centuries made my judgment (like most arm chair critics) eat humble pie. The match winning performances you gave during 1997 in the Friendship Cup against Pakistan made me your die-hard fan. Ever since then your guts has been a source of inspiration for me. No Indian can forget your inspirational captaincy in the 2003 World Cup, when after the initial hiccups; the whole of the country was baying for Team India’s Blood.

Dada, when you were ousted from the team in 2006, everybody felt for you because it was for non-cricketing reasons. You did come back with a bang in both versions of the game which very few could have dreamt off (except Mohinder Amarnath). Cricket is becoming more of a young man’s game and unfortunately human beings age with time. The mind is always willing but physical reflexes dim a bit. Dada, we are used to seeing you at the batting crease as a roaring Royal Bengal Tiger and not as a prodder. In your heyday Mendis would have had developed neck problems tracking the ball to the boundary.

Dada, when the annals of sports leadership is written, you will find more than a mention. You thought Indians how to fight fire with fire when it comes to mind games. Dada, it saddens my heart when a mere mortal like Kiran More throws verbal volleys at you on various TV Channels. Every genuine Indian Cricket fan cringes in his seat when he reads the demeaning comments about you by quack cricket fans on the SMS Scroll bar of news channels when your selection is debated.

A senior well respected cricketer talks a lot of scrap in private and public. This was the same person who skipped the 1989 tour to Pakistan because he feared that his failing reflexes would get exposed by Wasim Akram and Imran Khan. He played donkey number of tests before scoring a century. In his playing days, most players despised his aloof presence in the dressing room and this individual today talks about your non-cooperative attitude in the dressing room and practice sessions.

Enough of slur has been heaped on you Dada and most of it is undeserving. Everybody should understand that for being the second highest scorer in test matches last year, you require a better deal for a failed Sri Lankan series. Unfortunately, there are some busy bodies and jobless retired cricketers who would like to stay in the limelight by talking mean about you. To compound to the problem, there is some “genuine” talent waiting in its wings. There are many players in the current team who are in awe of your foresight because if you had not backed their unconventional talent and plucky attitude, they would have found it difficult to hold their feet in the team. Such being your credentials, it should not appear as if you are obstructing talent from getting its due.

Dada, it is better to go and leave people wondering, rather than when they start baying for blood. The murmurs for your retirement are reaching a crescendo. C’mon, Dada give us one last gutsy performance and call it a day during the current series itself. I am quite confident wherever in India you call it a day, the farewell will outshine what Steve Waugh and Adam Gilchrist got. Dada, here is a genuine fan of yours wishing you all the best and a heart to call it quits.


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Accepting failure is the sign of your inability

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Hardly there would be anybody, who has not said “This does not work me”, “No matter how hard I try I cannot succeed”, “What is the use of working hard, I don’t get recognised at my work place?” etc. More often than not it is the excuse of the lazy and the feeble minded. The last named excuse is very commonly used in Government offices by employees who want to get paid without work. Government service is the only place where it is impossible to terminate the services of an employee because he/she is not working.

Sunil Gavaskar says frequently on air “If your knocks (read performances) at the selection committee’s door does not open it, keep knocking (performing) until the knock becomes a thud and the door is broken down”. I will stick to examples of sportsmen to drive home this point better because victory in sports requires a perfect co-ordination of mind, heart and body. A sport exposes everybody no matter how great you are because on the given day even Bradman got out for a blob.

If you get success easily, you will never know how to value and preserve it. This can be explained with the example of sportsmen like L Sivaramakrishnan, Sadanand Vishwanath and Vinod Kambli. All of them were immensely talented, found success at a very early age but could not sustain it possibly because they have never had to strive very hard for it. Mathew Hayden and Damien Martyn were discarded from the Australian team for years but came back into it after years of perseverance and performance. The same is the case with our “Bengal Tiger” Saurav Ganguly. There can’t be a better example of fighting back from the brink than Lance Armstrong, the former Tour De France Cycling Champion. He was given 25% or less chances of surviving a losing battle from Cancer but came from death bed to win six consecutive Tour de France titles. If you feel your health, mental state is the reason for you not to achieve success, please read his autobiography “It is not about the Bike”.

Failure to get success despite one’s best efforts is the true test of an individual’s mettle. If you still have the heart for a fight, you will reach the next level and possibly stay at the top for a long time. I admire Navjoth Singh Sidhu and Rahul Dravid for this attribute. Both were dubbed as strokeless wonders and deemed not fit for one day cricket. We all know how they answered their critics. Mohinder Amarnath never got his due from Indian Cricket but his struggle and efforts to make n+1 number of comebacks could put to shame the fable of King Bruce and the spider. The true test for Sania Mirza has come now given that her ranking has dropped from mid 20’s to 100 plus. I like Dhoni a lot but I want to see if he can maintain his cool and smile even when he goes through a sustained lean patch.

Thus the takeaways for anybody dissatisfied with their progress are:-
Success never comes easily and should never come so. Only those who have achieved success after intense struggle value it.
Those who give up because of failures remain mediocre for the rest of their lives.
Giving up because success did not come your way only exposes your inept laziness, lack of innovativeness and not necessarily lack of opportunities or futility of the task.

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