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I, Me and Myself hail Reality Shows

I, Me and Myself are great fans of reality shows. Some cynics call Anna Hazare's fasts as a reality show, especially due to some emotional acts on stage and also the precise timing at which the fast ended but we don’t mind it, since we believe this reality show can erect err. eradicate corruption in the country.
We were greatly excited by the fact that BIGBOSS has come back. We got together to discuss about reality shows. As it has become a norm, our conscience ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON were also present.
I began by saying `Yuppie, Big Boss is back' ICON `Once again ogling will be the national pastime'
Myself `How much would I like to be a part of the Big Boss house and prove my worth?' MYSELFCON ` Unable to tolerate you, either the other contestants will run out of the BIG BOSS house or entire country will come and physically evict you' ICON `I was just wondering, what would happen if he was the target of Emotional Athyachar team'

Me `It is a pity that Sidhu P…