Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I, Me and Myself hail Reality Shows

I, Me and Myself are great fans of reality shows. Some cynics call Anna Hazare's fasts as a reality show, especially due to some emotional acts on stage and also the precise timing at which the fast ended but we don’t mind it, since we believe this reality show can erect err. eradicate corruption in the country.

We were greatly excited by the fact that BIGBOSS has come back. We got together to discuss about reality shows. As it has become a norm, our conscience ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON were also present.

I began by saying `Yuppie, Big Boss is back'
ICON `Once again ogling will be the national pastime'

Myself `How much would I like to be a part of the Big Boss house and prove my worth?'
MYSELFCON ` Unable to tolerate you, either the other contestants will run out of the BIG BOSS house or entire country will come and physically evict you'
ICON `I was just wondering, what would happen if he was the target of Emotional Athyachar team'

Me `It is a pity that Sidhu Paaji is not a part of Big Boss'
MECON `If he was in the house, what will Big Boss talk? :P '

Myself `Why did they choose Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan as the anchors?'
MYSELFCON `Simple, because they know a thing or two about being in captivity and hence can empathise better with the participants'
ICON `If only some of the Tihar inmates had been on bail, they too would have been roped in as anchors'
MECON `I heard that anyone who refuses Tihar Food, goes back to have its food for a longer duration'

I `I would love to be on Moment of Truth'
ICON `At times you lie to me and get away, So, there is no way a machine can detect your lie, you are a sure winner'
MYSELFCON `Actually, they should put him in a reality show, with Planning Commission officials to survive 100 days at Rs.32 per day. Bet, he will give up within 3 hours'
MECON `Na, The Planning Commission Officials will withdraw within 5 minutes and he will win'

Me `It is sad that Weakest Link never worked out in India'
MECON `That’s because terrorists, from across the border, regularly prove, who the weakest link is? Hence, there is no charm for the audience in such a show'
ICON `If these three had played The Weakest Link, they would voted the Judge as the weakest link  :P'
MYSELFCON `If Poonam Pandey was a contestant, to help her win, they would have declared themselves as the Weakest Link’

Myself `All said and done, there is no reality show more realistic than Fear Factor'
MYSELFCON `Nowadays, whenever a plane lands in our airports, it seems to be a scene from Fear Factor'
ICON `Indian traffic sense has ensured Xtreme sports experience for all the users'
MECON ` and the language used in a traffic scuffle makes Roadies look like a satsang sabha'

I `Critics of reality show say that the results are fixed'
Me `Leave them alone, they would even say that Ramji fixed the fight between Vali and Sugreev. You should call these morons as Cynics not critics'
Myself `They would even say that entire Mahabharata was a reality show and Lord Krishna fixed it by creating an eclipse to kill Jayadratha'
I `Reality shows are the best way to unearth talents, the chicken hearted can stay away from it'
ICON `If that is the case, it would be better to select the Indian Team based on a reality show'
MECON `Better option would be to choose the selectors based on a reality show'

As the three of us left, ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON for once had nothing to say.


  1. As usual, the CONS took the cake in this encounter! Wonderful! I only hoe that whichever CON it was it must have learnt tp spell "emotional" properly - it is, "emosional"!


    Raghuram Ekambaram

  2. Raghuram,

    Next, I think I Me and Myself should discuss about standards of English


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