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Lessons Learnt From Vanara, The Legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara

Writers like Anand Neelakantan bring a fresh perspective to the stories that have been told for ages in the same mould. You can learn only new concepts from reading such writers. Here is what I learnt from reading his latest novel `Vanara’:-
The greatness of Indian literature is its diversity. There is no one authentic holy book, nor a church or religious clergy insisting on one point of view. This is a tradition we should preserve with utmost care.Jatayu was not the good bird projected in most versions of Ramayana.Devas and Asuras practised casteism alikeSugreeva always had an inferiority complex about his brother Bali. He did not mind even a heist to fulfil his ambitions. He was a meek and lazy guy.Indira is a post and not an individual.They are to be called Vana Naras and not Vanaras.Hanuman tried to behave like a Brahmin.Vana Naras believed they were born to be slaves. They never dared to go against the holy scriptures.Vana Naras used secret ballot under the leadership of Tara.Tara…

Colour Matters by Anuranjita Kumar

Reading Colour Matters by Anuranjita Kumar should matter a lot to individuals who have faced discrimination based on caste, colour, creed, religion, region, etc. The book deals with colour discrimination but deals with other types of discrimination. The book contains a lot of real-life instances of colour discrimination including a few from the authors’ personal life. The best thing about this treatise is it is not just a rant but also contains solutions, and how to handle sticky situations. The book also contains some interesting and thought provoking conversations between the author and her children on adjusting to new cultures, enabling someone to adapt to Indian culture, and tackling colour discrimination.

I am dark-skinned and come from a low caste, so this book resonates with me in multiple ways. Based on my skin colour, I have been judged about my intelligence, ability to buy, and speak English. I will not comment on the discrimination faced because of belonging to the lower c…