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A Sarcastic Take On Marriage

Marriage is an institution which was created to ensure that a man gets a family to head and the woman a man to boss over. Every individual has to get married because it’s only marriage which can bring out of you, either the philosopher or the comedian in you.
The guy, who first said, all good things have to come to end, obviously had marriage in his mind. Marriage brings a lot of stability in your life because after a few years, traffic, politicians, bad bosses, clients, etc seem very reasonable when compared to your spouse. I don’t quite get why they called the initial period of marriage as honeymoon, especially given that moon is such a desolate place. If I could go back in time, it would be called as `the sleazy sizing up time’. A Husband, who is dominant in the first year of marriage, is usually seen sprouting a big moustache from the second year, just to prove that, he is the boss at home.
        Marriages are good for the economy. To begin with, you make a grand entry to end of …