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For a few lip locks more

If your wife throws kisses
Instead of rolling pins
Go cardless, blame the bankers
Forget the ATM pins, blame the hackersPretend neck & limb injury
Ignore my advisory
Get more bags to carryKisses you may get on the way
Bills you will get to payEarn more, go cashless
Yearn for a smooch, lessThink again, think again
Is there any gainFor a few lock of lips.
Don't exhaust your credit limits

Turn over a new leaf

Turn over a new leaf
If you see me eating beef
Don't get into grief
Instead smile with relief
It's beef not your mid reefTurn over a new leaf
Get rid of the belief
That your belief
is the superior belief
It's a belief
neither the coral reef
nor the Burj Khaleef

Fairness is just a skin colour

To say only being fair is beautiful
is being unfair to beautyDo you believe dark skin needs to be treated
Do you believe dark skin needs to be treated
If yes, you need to be quarantinedFair skin does not make one confident
Talent and attitude are neither fair nor dark
Yet they alone can ensure your ascent
Let the fairness cream ads take a walkFairness is just a skin colour
It never made anyone wiser or smarter