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A Few Cold Jokes From Dehradun

1. Even if promised  lifetime free mutton biryani, I would never run out on the streets of a cold Dehradun, the way Archimedes did.
2. It's so cold here in Dehradun that the only workout I want to have is ensuring that  a blanket is always wrapped on my body3. Forget Thick Skin, Dry Skin and Oily Skin, to survive in Dehradun, I need more than thermal wear, a thermal skin
4. Dehradun cold brings out the true colors of middle aged South Indian menBecause they cannot dye their hairs
5. What do I fear most about Dehradun cold?It may make me a cold blooded animal
6. How to sleep warm in Dehradun?Why Try? 不不不不不
7. In DEHRADUN Winter, one can move around wearing a lot of woolens. Summer here is very hot, & the reverse can't be done 不不不

8.,Google don't irritate me by saying Dehradun will be warmer by 2 deg tonight. Seriously what is the difference b/w 9 and 11 deg.
9.  Dehradun is so cold that one has to take the towel to bed, so that it's warm the next morning 不不不
10. …