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How they spent almost Rs.35 lakhs while renovating a toilet?

The title is a figment of imagination of its author and does not have any resemblance to any `plan’ned toilet which might have been renovated a cost of Rs.35 lakhs or above. This is the story of SIM, RIM, AIM, DIM, HIM AND CIM.                 SIM is the most important character in this drama.                 The principal character of this story is RIM viz., Regular Indian Male but at times Rationally Impaired Man (whenever this imparity happened his vision would dim).  One day he was watching an IPL match when a Gayle six cleared the stadium, the cheerleaders were busy swinging their b**s err poms and RIM decided it was time to clear his fully loaded bladder. By the time he could return strategic break had started and a sanitaryware ad was on with a popular item girl. She was swooning on the western commode and coyly saying `you’d love to sit-on-it without a reason’. RIM’s vision began to dim and he decided to change the WC in his toilet and he called out his wife A…