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When a Husband gives money to his wife, what do we call it??

The title is demeaning. Before feminists friends jump at me, I would like to request them to read this piece of writing till the end. There’s some fun but nothing which is disrespectful of women.
I recently received this whatsapp message and thought it would be fitting to answer it in my own sarcastic way.
ANSWER THIS ONE?: Money has different names !!! In church it’s called (offering), in school it’s (fee), in marriage it's called (dowry), in divorce (alimony), when u owe someone it’s (debt ), when you pay the government (tax), in court (fines), civil servant retirees (pension) boss to workers (salary), master to subordinates (wages), when you borrow from bank (loan), when you offer after a service (tip), to kidnappers (ransom), illegally received in the name of service (bribe).
The question is "when a Husband gives it to his Wife what do we call it??

Is it a fee? Yes, a wife thinks that before marriage her husband did not know how to eat, talk, dress, save, and what not. She is t…

A dreamy girl, a sleazy man, a valentine dinner and the moral police - A satarical short story

This was not what John & Srujana had anticipated when they had come for a dinner on Valentine Day in ` My Favorite’ (MF) restaurant which was in the stronghold city of `Mujhe Bharath Chaman Chaiye’ (MBCC). Both had come to `That City’ on business, John from US of A & Srujana from `Silly Corn City’. Both worked for the same company. Srujana had an overwhelming crush for John, more overwhelming than the stink of uncleared garbage in her city. John did not mind a few night caps with Srujana but marriage was the last thing on his mind, even after the thought of refraining from dyeing his hopelessly grey 40 summers old hairs. Srujana though, had marriage on her mind. Other than John’s big balance, his sense of humour and great looks proved the secondary and tertiary reasons of Srujana’s burning desire for John. It is the creative duty of every writer to add more than a few words to fill the pages and in this endeavour it’s his creative freedom to often drift away from the story, …